Souls of Mischief - Do You Want It? [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Souls of Mischief
Album: No Man's Land
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: A-Plus, Tajai, DJ Touré

Tekst piosenki

This the one
This one here right here

[ Hook ]
Ah do you want it? (Yeah)
Ah do you want it? (Yeah)
Ah do you want it? (Yeah)
Ah do you want it? (Yeah)
Ah do you want it? (Yeah)
If you want it, ah get upon it (Alright)

[ VERSE 1: Tajai ]
Ah yeah, my peoples if you want me, cool
Everybody know the T is the joint be comin through
With a mossie like Napoleon Bonaparte I'm swoll
Y'all niggas that be flowin is all heart, no soul
You lack the balance, you couldn't rip it in virtual reality
I got a style that's dehumanizing
Keeping eyes on swell
The demise of your personel
That's not surprisin
Yo I got live and then my verse impaled your best man
Show me that ass, I get in it
Sorry, no gimmicks
Cause with me the possibilities is limitless
I'm too inventive with this English shit
And if ya didn't list this as your favorite
You simply didn't listen - closely
To the rhymes I kick to my sisters and my brethren
Never try to front like I'm a veteran
But give respect and then receive, I leave
But you feel my presence
Cause the bass drum got resonance

[ VERSE 2: Opio ]
Check it out, cause you all know me
Opio Lindsey, champion MC
Internationally niggas be challenging thee
Hieroglyphics Imperium, we steerin 'em heat
Get-get up out your seat, nigga, you're weak
I'd rather spit at a freak
And get her under the sheets
Instead of configurin speech
For niggas to leech on
My crew touch the mic
Souls of Mischief we be on
Point, sure as Casual hit the joint
Makin motherfuckers scream and shout
You know we turn it out
So baby girl with the light brown eyes
Let me speak to you a minute and examine them thighs
And get wise to the fact
That I'm hip to that act
Don't try to play that role
Let's get real and hit the sack
It ain't all like that
You know, we keep in contact
Let me take control, just relax

[ Hook 2x ]

[ A-Plus ]
I demonstrate the skills that niggas need to flow
They need to heed a bro
But even so I still leave you, though
You know I never understood about wack
Ain't nothin good about wack
It's all shit, that's what my niggas call it
That's all I know and fuck the rest
Raps'll buck your chest
Perhaps your luck is less
Black, you flunked the test, yes
And you will never pass
I got them hoes sayin, 'A-Plus, you so fresh with yo clever ass'
Now y'all MC's'll get ransacked
See I'm the man, black, stand back
This is what yo plan lack
The proper use of flows
I can mop a crew of foes
You hoes that don't do your own rhymes got to chew the pros?
The buddha flows with a sack from the 4
From '93 til we chilled, now we back in the door
But now it's gruesome when a crew's dumb
So I gotta bruise 'em
Hieroglyphics win, never lose 'em

[ Phesto ]
Here go Phes-Rock
Makin ladies just drop
Out of conrol from the soul
Makin money, don't stop
To the fellas never jealous, celebrate the fact
Souls of Mischief comin way too fat
Just sit back and envelop many
You be exhilarated and exhault
As I expand my palm to baby in the camasol
Not at all was I shocked she was enthralled
By my performance
I leave 'em in awe without warnin
So try to ascertain your ass and brain as I reign
Breakin backs and necks over tracks for checks
Leavin niggas heartless, discarded
By the genuine artist strechin to the farthest
Reach in your imagination, niggas catchin a blur
I'm like the Mahatma, rhymes come together like clockwork
Perfect is the only way to word it
Energy exerted
It's Souls of Mischief on your circuit
Check it out

[ Hook 2x ]

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