Souls of Mischief - Times Ain't Fair [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Souls of Mischief
Album: No Man's Land
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: A-Plus, Tajai

Tekst piosenki

[ VERSE 1: Phesto ]
Everybody come on, get some get-up-and-go
Get rid of the no-can-do attitude
And expand and brace
Obstacles you face
Ain't no time to waste
Rhymin pays
Never was it worth doin crime, it stays
On your record when you try to get employment
I avoid it - like bein exploited
Couldn't leave my peoples disappointed
I know they want it
So I'mma flaunt it
You better get upon it
Cause life's a flash
It'll be here and gone just that fast
You better bust that ass
Nothing's inconcievable
Anything is possible, never let them deceive you

[ VERSE 2: Tajai ]
Life's full of dilemas, I contend to that
I be lookin out my window wonderin, "What will I catch?"
Will it be...
A good job? Huh? Two to the head?
Maybe HI, say I can join the ranks of the livin dead
But hey, Tajai gotta press on
I'm late for class as I think of the choices my life rest on
I can buss my gat, cook some crack
Master calculus, build houses and make a stack
Either way
Depending on the dues I pay
No, you can't too but stick with it
You won't get it
If you lay or stall
And don't be in it for the long haul
You know they wrong, y'all
But we gots to get it on, y'all

[ Hook 2x ]
[ Snupe ]
Times ain't fair
[ Phesto ]
But that's the way I play
[ Snupe ]
No one can compare
[ Phesto ]
And that's the way I stay
[ Opio ]
This is how we do it every singular day
[ Snupe ]
So what you tryina say?
[ A-Plus ]
Well, let me show you the right way

[ VERSE 3: Opio ]
If you're with me then you're all about makin money
So throw your hands in the air cause ain't shit for free
And nigga, Oakland California is the place to be
It gets hectic see, I disconnect to free
My mind and write rhymes
So I don't get caught up
Or get shot up
Plus the fuzz think I got the product
I don't cut lines up, I don't have to
But if you look like a playa, they harass you
I make cash doin shows from state to state
But still task wanna run the license plate
I don't trip cause it's all in vain
Your daughter knows my name
Ask the broad the game

[ VERSE 4: A-Plus ]
People applaud the fam-ous, never lame
Just rhyme 'til your brain bust
You're wack and that's a shame
Cause I set examples, say in nine-trey
It's not Little Joe
I gots to rhyme a little mo'
So I'm finna go and scoop a forty-o
I'm under 21, but them Iraqis know me, so
To the show we go
Blaze up a stoge on the bridge, 8-0
A club with foes and fake hoes
I want high class bitches
With the ass that switches
When I get 'em, they be due soon as the Ad is finished
Make me feel like I'm livin on the wrong planet
Strong as granite
It's Souls with the song that's demanded

[ Hook 2x ]

[ VERSE 5 ]
[ Tajai ]
See, only the paid get to max and frolic
They got them wallets
So what's your holler?
Strive to be a scholar
Attract the knowledge gained
Whatever college, self-same
Attract a dollar's change
Don't get you far in this age
[ Opio ]
Turn the page and let the rage spill out the felt tip
Make the ladies melt, strip to the bone, I'm slick
Souls of Mischief comin sicker than the rest, confess
We press on, Hieroglyphics to the break, break of dawn
[ A-Plus ]
Now all ya fakes that's on the microphone, go home
I'm from the land, man, niggas make you roam with chrome
I stay at home, I like to bone, I'm grown
I got a flow that's known, in the O I hold my own
[ Phesto ]
Yeah, baby come and have a seat with Phes
Together we can defeat the stress
And chill, if you got that sex appeal
I'll caress you till
The mornin, on and on and

[ Hook 2x ]

[ Snupe ]
And it's like that
You know what I'm sayin
Souls of Mischief in the house
With the Extra Prolific punch
We gon' give it ya like that
So I'mma bounce up outta here, uknowmsayin
I'll be back in 20 minutes
Or more

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