Swordplay - Wonderful Things [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Swordplay
Album: Tap Water
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Pierre the Motionless

Tekst piosenki

Alright. I talk a lot. I talk a lot. I talk a lot
People, they talk about the recession
Now they’re talking about retirement
I talk about who’s working and who’s breaking a sweat

[Hook: x2 Swordplay]
I had my head full of wonderful things but they’re all gone now
To where, I don’t know
But I know they’ll be found

I'm sorry for always apologizing for things I did not do
Events I could not control and things I did not say
Pride is a mother fucker and I've got a civilized mind
A pocket full of pennies nickels and dimes
I drink to mankind alone while someone a little less lucky than myself talks to God from a pay phone
It's okay. Ask him how much money I owe
He won’t know. He threw away my Medicaid application and then he kept on going
This is a medicated nation and I capitulate when I see my paycheck
Lose my concentration but I keep going
Because I am a machine. A machine has purpose
I am poetic motion in the ocean while an ice berg
Shoulder to shoulder with the suits and the hors-d’oeuvres
Prostitutes with their slurs
Go "bourbon and whiskey never mattered this much to the South”
I interrupt when I open up my mouth
I got a family tree with dotted lines I can cut out with scissors
And if this is the land of the free beyond a reasonable doubt
I say we take missiles, fill em with nuclear waste, attach em to satellites and then shoot them at the sun
Or at these limousines that are rolling down these country roads
I've been running around for days in a place I do not know
With friends that I just met on runaway trains you cannot catch
For all that, I've got nothing to show
We are off the rails, hands tied to the trestles
Wrestling with the tracks
And I swore that I was never going back
To that land with that captain with that castle with that princess
There holding my map

I had my head full...

[Verse 2: Brzowski]
I'm not sorry enough. I push against the sunrise
Chimney full of rotgut, punish self throughout first large percentage of the day
Year in and year out I learn to live with "the peddle, the thawing"
And toothpicks prying open lidded eyes
The mornings hurt and my body screams from every sinew as I push it past limitations
Eventually the brain begins dissolution "hinted" expected and formally medicated
"This happens to the best of us" I'm reassured by those far from this place
And keep the majority of abuse a secret to save face
Check the grill for bugs before motivation to street-side
Sunglasses is a must, I talk shit and shovel it in bucketfuls against the tide
I stress for dimes and throwing copper like it's gonna hit the world market
And if you see it fly I would advise you to try and dodge it
I've attempted to remove the angelic likeness from soapstone and marble
Reductive process never touted to be a strong suit
Manifested my last long-term megalith in a moving vehicle
Scripted in motion, now an attempt to control my surroundings. I've got Paxil to prove a percentage of that
No gods, No masters, only a procession of brats
Yankee bred, Illustrated my bi-daily yawn-fest
Talk quick with my soul mirrors shifting side-to-sly
Pale Rider equivalent of a fistful of Plasticine dust
I bet I can pickpocket the picket line astride
Spent half my naturalized time allotted on this spun rock dubbed Pangaea
Cause troglodyte customs abound
Presently the stench of wine coolers. I was raised Protestant
So I latently believe cancer is a Catholicized invention
I'm sorry occifer, I was just ripping phantasmagoric lines with the ghost of William S. Burroughs
I'll buy some vowels like "O" and "Y"
The Real American Next Top No Deal Live from the 1st World's bottom half billion
I've been migrained for a decade plus and it barely even bothers me
Barley barely sedates me
Walking on the balls of my feet out of anxiety
Walking on the balls of the fraudulent dogs roaming
And picking over the droppings of evidence
For homework
And overdue letters
Of resignation

[Hook: Both]

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