Tha Real U - November 12 Boy [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Tha Real U
Data wydania: 2012-11-12
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Leyona Beats

Tekst piosenki


November 12 Boy
November 12 Boy
That’s me...
That’s me...

Well I am that boy
I am that boy, I am that boy

[Verse 1]

November 12 boy
Yes that is me
Born in Pretoria
On a Friday of 1993

Grew up in Sliverton
Then moved back to Eersterust
The house that was built
By my father
With all of his effort

You see that as a cornerstone
On the wall of that same house
Which now
My uncle Lukas

Hans Coverdale Drive
In Eersterust North
Must be like Hollywood
For some
Even my cuzzie lives there now
For me
That’s where it all began

But honestly before this
I had just one friend
Where ever he is
I know his blessed manye

La Montagne
In 2001
Then Clapham

I had fun with some homies
And I learned a lot
From other chomies

But that was chopped up like polony
Most cats were pretty phoney
Never hanged with the rich
And i guess my besties were probably lonely
Now you know me

Moved to the West Coast
At the end of grade 9
There was no wasting time
Until I saw the sunshine
Brighter than it’s ever been
Changed my life
With all this peace and tranquillity
(I am that boy... I am that boy...)
A whole new mentality

From the hood to the burb
From coloured
I guess I became white
But race
Doesn't define me
I'm defined by Christ
(but I am that boy, I am that boy)

Even though I’m like misfit
I'm still gon’ fit in
Made for a purpose
And that's where I’m heading

Skip a line
Add the paragraph
That God has written
Understand that in the lord
I'll find my job description
Yessir you know that
I'm a Christian
(That’s me... That’s me...)

[Verse 2] [Spoken Word]

And wise words
Are often spoken by the least
But never change the most
Those that always boast

But I trust that the Lord’s
The greatest host
The banquet that He makes
I can’t wait to part-take

Now that I’m 20 years old
I’m simply a product of grace

Strengthen by faith
And blessed with the possibility
He paved

God brings promise
I guess that’s the least I could say
Was always a shy boy
Now watching that fade away

My confidence is in Him
Jeremiah 17
Verse 7
Praying for those I left
May I meet thee in Heaven

Shout-out to the brethren
And much respect to the reverend
This is me
And I’m glad
To me yal finally

I won’t mention my wrongs
They’re already forgotten
Had every piece of condemnation
Vaporised like Sodom

I remember those tough times
When no one could stop them
When all I ever wanted
Was some respect or attention

Just like EM-K
I’m a dreamer

And like Big Twist
I keep pushing

Jesus ransomed me from
Yet the world be judging

At one stage folks thought
Bad of me
Based on my colour
Like every coloured guys
A thug or robber

But I’m a king in disguise
Even though I ain’t dress
The part
Will rarely see labels on me
Cause those ain’t my mark

Jesus is my Adidas
Those three stripes
Made me a realist

And Christ is realer today
Then ever
He helped me when i was the

Where do I go now?
I don’t know

God has a plan
And in that I plan to grow
Cause you reap
Only what you sow

I know
You might feel down
In anguish or sorrow

I’m content with what I have
Even if it’s nothing

And nah homie
Trust me
I ain’t buffing

The rest
I’ll probably borrow
So now you know

So here to the long road
It’s a long way to go

Here’s to the future
That only God knows

Here’s to the future
That only God knows

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