Tha Real U - Underground Kings [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Tha Real U
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Tha Real U]

Real U and TiTan showing what we are
They say we second hand
In other words we amateurs by far
They never heard me write these bars
My flow is so unique like I’m driving a space car

From Saint Helena I rap to the masses in Jostina
And even in Cape Town we repping Yeshua

My rhymes take five minutes on a computer
Their rhymes take five days
Like they writing some urban scripture

Illuminati and Bugati that stuff will make you worry
They say that's what you need to be like everybody

I don't care about the TV, I don't care if you see me
My song will be on radio and I will make that music video

A year of unashamed now, a year of making him proud
A year of standing up, for everything these Christians allowed

I'm so sagacious, I even try and challenge
A world of atheists
Yet while they denying me, I let them know
Where the real victor is, that's the guy with the victory
The king with all the royalty, the one that's on the throne
From the cross letting me rap with all this authority

I'm Prince Uriel Nathan like you see in Galatians 4
And tweet my matric partner at Tshepi_Royalty more

I am an underground king, no matter what you damn well think
Just let these words sink, and let the Holy Spirit think
Cause with just one flash, Jesus will be back in a blink
There's no tolerance for their disobedience
And I will kill emcees
If God gives me the ingredients

Underground kings
We are the underground kings yeah
Underground kings
Oooohhh ooohhh

We kill the underground
We rap to make him proud

Undergrounds kings
Ooohh ooh ohhhhh
Underground Kings

Thy kingdom come
Father, thy kingdom come
Underground Kings (x3)

[Verse 2: TiTan Kai]

TiTan and Real U
He brew, like Hebrew
Noah on that ark bru
With animals no zoo
Pure love no vodo
When we had no clue to
And all we could do
Is dudu, call that cudu

I'm about to go in like curfew
Resurrection of Christ all minds blew
Now I'm always looking up call that eye glue

Sin take you down, six foot, seven foot
One more foot
Lower then a coffin,yeah she do this often
And I'm doing this for Nathan
Education flow - hmm yeah Boston
Fred's master grand dad like I'm Winston

I ain't a beast, I ain't a dog
I'm a living child of GOD

Life ain't about ice
Life ain't about money
Yet around easter some people praising bunny
No it ain't funny, kinda like another 'Jesus vs Satan'
I mean Santa, (ho ho ho Merry Christmas)

I wonder why people gotta do
What they do
Acting like a sinful zoo
Like they got nothing better to do

Stealing money like Jack the kangaroo
And still getting lullabies like - da da doo

Watch me fire light this

No illuminators
But a bunch of haters
In the other escalator
Heading down cause they lacking Jesus

My Father is the King of kings
Now that makes me a king, yeah

[Verse 3: Tha Real U]

Yeah, what’s that about brother?
Watch me walk it out
West Coast, west toast, always in the west though
I do it for the south though
J-E-S-U-S on the cross
In the sky, looking so blessed
Like, once again I’m high; they say all my rap should rather die
Laingville won’t listen to Christian Rap so I rather lie
I’m like, why the heck should I care
West Coast can kiss my Bible; I’m on the brink of survival
Internet with 200 downloads
YouTube going small, but like King David
Against giants I don’t care, we all titans!
Watch us start riots, light up the night!
Light up sky! We gonna try it
Facebook, Twitter, BBM demolished
My spirit has been lifted and my flesh is being polished
All these local rappers are undernourished
I eat bread and drink wine
While they eat food from the pig stein
And even cow intestines
And - they, pray to freaken Rick Ross like his Santa Clause
That’s what they say, I ain’t part of the NWA
I’m 116 all the way to the grave like my homies in the

Moddibo told me about the church bombings
Nigeria being violated by all these Muslim alcoholics
They want gin and
Tonic, we give them holy water
And a bucket full of the anointing
They getting healed by all these lyrics
So tell all these dumb ass rappers out there
Who be the real kings!
We serve the world with consciousness
And serving God with righteousness
If I should die before I wake
I pray to the Lord our soul to take
Then God be like... "boy? Who really fake?
Is it Tha Real U, I don’t think so"
And let me perform in heaven though

My glory awaits in Christ
My Grammy, is in the afterlife
My trophies and medals
They all with my superhero
What do you have and what will you have?
Nothing, cause your life is such a drag
Will you make a change?
Will you change your range?
Will quit rapping shit!?
Like, you got something better today
I don’t think you will
But I know God has something better still
So stand exalted, He will humble you!
Luke chapter 14 verse 11 bru
I stay humble, let Him exalt me too
You know how we do...

Underground Kings
We are the underground kings
Underground Kings
Ooohh ohh ohh oooooh
We kill the underground
We rap to make him proud
Underground Kings
Oooohhh ooohhh ooohhh
Underground Kings yeah
Underground Kings
We are the underground kings (yeah)
Underground Kings ooohh
Underground Kings yeah

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