The Duck Hunters - Goose Porridge [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: The Duck Hunters
Album: Duck Butter Vol. 1
Data wydania: 2013-03-24
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Larry Fisherman

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Tekst piosenki

Don't beat your wife
Every night but right now we all depend on Spic and Span

(Verse 1: Peanut)
Your bitch is a power forward for my team
She get me brainwash steam
She swallow my kids aka semen
They call me, the new Willie Beamen
But I pop everyday not just Sunday
I just got the bars say I'm built like Gunplay
But I don't play with them guns eh
Just some [?] for them duckies eh
Rollin Dutchs while I'm watching Mighty Ducks
I gots some Kush and a dutch in the clutch
White gravy on the biscuit
It's all good, [?] your strong haze from the hood
With the grinder, I'm a mess
With this stick of haze I'm like
But the only thing black in hockey is the puck
So I watch that shit like what the fuck
I'd rather just get high and watch, End up leaned up, or Duck tales
Still smoking this L, I met your girl at Rock the Bells
Got some head, listening to R Kells

Fiesta Fiesta ugh (x4)

(Chorus: Mac Miller)
Yo that's dat, nut on her face it goes splat
Yea that's dat, nut on her face and then her back
That's dat, nut on her face it goes splat
That's dat, tap out

(Verse 2: ClockWork)
Jump off to Best Buy holler at the Mexicans
Dive in that traffic man, holler at pedestrians
Headed to the spot you know it's popping on them saturdays
Holler at them shorties made a left cause they went that away
Gas pedal, gas pedal
Bay shit popping, where them big booty freaks at
Tell me once, tell me twice man, I won't forget that
Says she lonely, says she need me
Please don't leave her she hate that
Now we on the couch touching while we watching..
What we watching? what we watching?
Movies nigga, we watching movies, we watching movies

(Verse 3: Q Hefner)
I said it's one nation under pause
You, nag your bitch, wanna fuck with god
She, got the pipe nigga what's the odds very probable
She let me see what that wobble do
You tweeting where she at she unfollowed you
Me and my niggas laughed about it last week
You look so sad about it that's weak (Loser)
I had your duck and she gave me that beak
Met her at the open zoo, yeah that's the [?]
I made your ducky say UGH like Master P
My dick a work of art, that's a master piece
Clutch like Kirby Puckett, getting duck butter and duggets


(Verse 4: Friend Of A Rapper)
Pussy always dripping
Your bitch is always slipping, on my hardwood floors
You know I've been known to body hoes
I fuck em high and I suck em low, I let em go like adios
She sniffing coke with a bloody noes her eyes are closed
She running from that feeling
Gonna fuck her on the ceiling
Grabbed her guts like I'm stealing
I don't give a fuck, I treat her bad
When she see me, she see her dad
I beat it like he used to..
I said I eat it like he used to
She been abused so I keep it going
Hit a bitch just to keep her moaning
Let her see that ocean from the bottoms up, so bottoms up
Lets get drunk and butt fuck some dumb sluts
With numb nuts and tongue studs and bite marks and cig burns
Hit a bitch till her lip turns, black and blue
Take a stack or two on a Macbook
Hit her [?] till that ass shook
Let me see how that crack look
Doobie stains and hunger pains
Come on bitch just give me brains
Yea, I said come on bitch just give me brains


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