The Four Horsemen - The Horsemen [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: The Four Horsemen
Gatunek: Pop

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Tekst piosenki

Rrrrrround up the horses, count up the forces
Order the arson' to burn up the borders
Attack from the NorthEast, wait there and call me
Then on the next morning I'll send you an army
Do not defy me, undermine me or lie to me
Ask me politely, but answer me nicely
Fore I am your King, so shall it be
So shall I rule, bow before me
I've grown amongst thieves, lived amongst wolves
Fought amongst bulls, failed amongst fools
I've robbed from the rich and taken from the poor
I'll steal from them both, that way I'll get more
Sleep with many whores then see them no more
Oh my Lord I can't wait until tour
I'll march towards France, teach them to dance
Teach them about arts, wine and romance
I'll stalk them with knives, torture their minds
Cause them to die then run off with their wives
I've lived for the day, do as I may
Then plan my escape for the day I'm betrayed
If they betrayed you, then they'll betray me
The PCH gobbler, rip 'em now, let 'em bleed
Know exactly what he need, tie his legs to the tree
And no, nobody else torture this little f*cker but me
When you see me out glidin' across the fort with my horse
Applyin' force, recognize all of us as the boss
No remorse, never heard of it, all decisions - permanant
Bow 'em, call The HRSMN, niggas who love that murder shit
Rip limbs, take gems from weathly or the f*cked up
See you ride, takin' ya horse, skinny or pumped up
Drag you on ya own horse, stab you with ya own fork
Bag you on ya own fort, murdered men can't talk
Everyday I'ma slay a perpitrator, bury the horse
Body on land, now everything he rode for is lost
HRSMN could never die, trample niggas all the time
Runnin' over cowards who doubtin' the horse power
Swords, axes, arrows, stones
Haedes, Atlantis, Athens, Rome
Arenas, crowds, people cheer
The HRSMN are here!
Raisin' my battleaxe, I'll bash ya into pieces
Nations for treasons and conquer their regions
Smash in their kingdoms and stomp on their leaders
Four figures of killers that's haunted by demons
Attacked in the season when couples are breedin'
Animals are feedin' and flowers are springin'
Babies are teethin', we come on the weekend
We arrived there screamin' and leave nothin' breathin'
These men are extremists, they kill for no reason
If you try to see freedom, GUARDS SEIZE 'EM!
Every time they cry in pain we drink wine
Laugh louder each time and drink more wine
As we toast on the MC's we roast
We do a raindance and SLIT ALL THEIR THROATS
Yeah, we slit all their throats
Ya boats do not float, we JetSki across moats
Merlin when the verbs send, spin alchemy
Turn lead platinum, repeat after me
H-R-S-M-N, no vowels
Disembowel ya colon/Colin Powel, throw in the towel
I will turn white knight/night to black day
Kings turn Queen, queer as Gwenevere
Sword in the stone, split a nigga neck to the bone
Surely you just off with a dome
Let's bark these marks like Joan of Arc
Hold the pale horse, why his heart so dark?
When my head nod to the beat, it's on man
Transform like James Earl Jones in Conan
But f*ck a snake I mutate to sift, feel this
Pimp my wenches, Pestilence did this
Bear skin on my back, made saggin'
Ain't nothin' crackin' but Dungeons & Dragons
Fire breathin' Mac-10s and goblins that backspin
Crossbow their eardrums, close their cast in
The Beanstalkers wieldin' the axe
And if the Giant is dead, we wackin' Jack then
Run through the fortress and let off the seasons
Beheaded and shredded in several pieces
First emperor, surround like jackals
Lowkey hyenas, persious pumas
From the sand-palm and the Dark Angel glare
Knows what it takes, bones like branches, break
Can't make simple mistakes
The intensity, for war
Hit niggas like fours in mutiple dystrophy
The unseen entity, but ready to be seen
When the cavern's invaded
Seen like film, stuck on like film
Beheaded niggas, throw their stones and gems
Impenetrable, take his plush Timbs
Give 'em all the arson, engulf within
Touchy nigga might not see the night
Lookin' for The View but lost in sight
I got lost in flight
The athieval Archangel's in this bitch
Like Arthur and the Dark Knights
Nigga, I'm a HRSMN, that's all I'll be
Contented on gettin' chest in instantly

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