The Raskal - Verbal Warfare [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: The Raskal
Album: Trust No One
Data wydania: 2015-07-24
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Chorus: Krizz Kaliko]
It's on on sight, run to the light
Touch mics and fight for your life
Ooh yeah, this is verbal warfare
Maybe you're crazy enough to go there!

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
I don't mean to be pompous but I guess I really do
When I say you're never gonna be me, nigga!
Cause you gotta give everything and be ready to lose it all
In the battle and you freely give another a lot of support and you be on the ground!
?Brother, you're not up for sure to meet you on the down?
Cover the gossip of the war, be with the clown, nigga
Ordered the shot and reportedly plotted the hound
Ask your rabbi why they turned me the bad guy
Blast they ass, fly to your noodle like patai
Baskin' as I wickedly stab thy
Crab that had my name and is met the last sight
If you're trippin' with Nina then I'mma shoot ya
Nigga, fuck a rifle, I do it with the bazooka
A lot of motherfuckers they be softer than a luffa
So I wipe my ass with 'em and then I smoke a hookah
Yes, I'm runnin' low on my serotonin
And my norepinephrine, I swear an omen
Is comin', I murder you suckers who's baritone
And thinkin' they higher than Nina when they Gary Coleman
I kill 'em! In a verbal battle
I fill 'em, they riddled with bullets
5-6 Villain, might give 'em a hassle
If they fuckin' with Nina and Raskal!
Never givin' 'em any kinda mercy when I be servin' em
If anybody wanna come with it, then I'mma murder 'em
Anybody fuckin' with Nina? I never heard of 'em
And if he does, I bet you never speak another word of him...
After me, I'm a catastrophy
When I'm finished, you're layin' below the ?past to? see
What'll happen if a nigga wanna clash with me!
I be killin' 'em and that's the way it has to be!


[Verse 2: The Raskal]
I'm on the warpath, you motherfuckers shakin'
I'm a gladiator, you don't know who you facin'
I'm gonna go till death, I can hear your heart racin'
I ain't scared for you lames, I ain't playin'
Hit you subliminal with ?defendable? syllable
The original general was a literal criminal
Now I'm killin' 'em digital, I'm fillin' the minimal
Can't be winnin' because I'm leavin' 'em critical
YEAH! You want it with me
You better man the fuck up, be prepared to bleed
I come through a battle starrin', yes, indeed
I go in like I ain't ate in weeks
You're never the same
I'm choppin' them thangs, I'm poppin' at rage
You think I'm deranged? I'm thinkin' I'm sane
You think it's a game, although had an break!
I don't think the same, I don't run against the grain
Knock 'em out the frame while I'm spittin' these flames
Get this verbal machinegun, pumpin' through my veins
Give a fuck who you are, I don't need no names
I hit your grey matter, squeeze and spray it to you
My team that makes scatter so fuck these fake rappers
Mumbling little G's get cheese like ?they're pecker?
Attack The Raskal, best believe we stay factors
YEAH! I'mma murder this shit
I got an RPG with my verbal equipped
You wanna talk about me, yeah, you're gonna be clipped
I'll put you in the ground, it's affirmative, bitch!
I got it all to gain and nothin' to lose
You got me to blame, I don't have to explain
You can see the gauge and it's pumpin' shells
I'm here to maim, are you not entertained?


[Verse 3: Twista]
Like entertainment for the emperor
Get served a subpoena for enterin' into the arena
Comin' like I'm a marine, a machine, I'm a demon
And Nina, we neither are conscious or fittin' my demeanor
King Leonidas, if he invite us, then he'll fight us
Up in the auditorium of the emporium
Or we will murder and massacre enemies whenever they up for challengin' a battle valedictorian
Verbal split 'em in critical like it's political
Your artillery killin' me, it's kinda pitiful
Who let you enter the octogon with the lyrical?
Cause I'm takin' in it to proportions that'll be biblical
Catastrophic, any move I'm makin' is pivotal
Spiritual, ain't no subliminal, my ?cloak ain't? invisible
Violent individual, triumphant whenever I'm
Challengin', I'm throwin' a javelin and I'mma get at you
General and a sergeant when I'm marchin'
I'm carvin' through the competition like I was heartless
H2's in the garages, goin' to war regardless
And we gon' be comin' through with barrages
And I'mma get Tech and speed it up if I have to
Arizona when I heat it up with The Raskal
A .50 Caliber for any challenger with the style of a soldier
Like Galactica when I blast you
Open fire whenever I'm hired for lyrical warfare
Throwin' a verbal grenade
Man on a mission with ammunition in a position
To get commission if I kill 'em and blow 'em away
Try to come in here actin' like a fool, I'mma do ya
Show my gratitude with the attitude of a Ruger
If you die, who the hell care? It's verbal warfare:
I pop one into your medulla!


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