Ubi Fumus - Prayer Beads [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Ubi Fumus
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Shlohmo

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1]
Tell me where did all the flowers go?
Petals pressed under the powdered snow
Put some ice cubes in a cup and we drown ‘em slow
Ran my calloused fingers through your fabric ‘til i found a hole
Train whistles in the summer always sound like home
But see that home fell into the water
That’s how my grandfather put it tellin’ to his daughter
Smell of pollen and the feelin’ was upon us
Dwellin’ on the hummingbirds, the melons cut in august
I’ve got that slow-flowing mississippi blood
Nana raised nine children out the mississippi mud
So i don’t need these fans to give me love
I’ve got my brothers, got my sister, kid, my family’s enough
You’re gorgeous with a mind as fertile as the ground
We’re laying on tracin’ crop circles in the clouds
Please don’t say a word or make a sound
Only the hum of dragonflies disturbs the perfect place we’ve found

Strings of moments slip like prayer beads between my fingers

[Verse 2]
Crept amidst the minions of gehenna
Slept within the mist with mystic visions of johanna
Oh, don’t you know you’re the one for whom i’ve written all these stanzas
Smitten as i slip betwixt the clickin’ of the cameras
Laying listless on the floor and i just wish you wouldn’t vanish
Forgettin’ all my manners
There’s no fiction on my canvas
Life’s a bumpy ride, got me grippin’ on the handles
Christened with the candle’s
Wax drippin’ off the mantle
Wonder if my father would know me now
Born in the garden, a holy child
Ate the fruit of the harvest, he drove me out
Fuck ‘em all, arden’ll hold me down
Pass the pipe
Inhalin’ smoke as black as night
I trust no master
Bastards, i am abram’s sacrifice
Gave it up under a summer night’s hazy
Cover, who can i trust, father, son, and wife betrayed me
And now i’m supposed to love the knife that grazed me?
God’s no friend to me, god, this fuckin’ life is crazy

Strings of moments slip like prayer beads between my fingers

[Verse 3]
Beans fillin’ my pockets
Dreams fillin’ my head
Be still in this silence
I keep feelin’ i’m next
Gave it up for the sake of my love
Roll it all up in the papers and puff
Hidin’ my face
Please god give me grace
Guess it’s the one thing i never prayed for enough
I’m so young, i don’t know what the hell to do
I’m so done, makin’ a fool out of myself for you
Might fuck up, but i tell the truth
Say one love, but what i held was two
Always been faithful, but can’t claim that i haven’t been selfish too
And i’m happy but can’t help but feel that somethin’s been destroyed
Fuck it, i’ll just stack these couplets up against the void

Strings of moments slip like prayer beads between my fingers

[Verse 4]
Into your palms i press this missal
Spirit’s strong, but the flesh is fickle
But the body is a temple
Get depressed, but never will i press my temple with this pistol
Tap my feet to keep the tempo
Tempted to let my sense go
Tension bent in a crescendo
Then sent flowin’ through this pencil
I found out where the flowers go
Found the power pollen’s powder holds
We swear that we’re about to blow
Cloaked up in a cloud of smoke
The world’s a stage, but we all make a lonely exit
We don’t have long, so be present
Find someone that you feel blessed with
Every bead is holy, every lowly moment’s precious

And they slip like prayer beads between my fingers

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