Uniquan - The Motto [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Uniquan
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Mixla Production™

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Tekst piosenki

(Verse 1: Uniquan)
I bet you've told yourself many times that you'll never make it
Feeling like the puzzle piece that doesn't have a place
Feeling like the turtle in the hare and rabbits race
Cause all you try to do never seems be enough
Life is rough and tough and it keeps calling your bluff
But if you just crawl through the cracks of doubt
And devote yourself by faith
Try to stay afloat in this sea called life
Then you will surely see the light
Your potential only hides behind your lazy will
And when your so low all you dream is to be higher
And seen in the air like the smoke from fire, so
On your inclination let this serve as motivation
See you can wake up feeling ill but still walk with a purpose
Just Start your mental vehicle and drive towards your dreams
This world is your stomping ground if you just lace your boots
But you gotta run to get cramps chasing perfect opportunity's

(Verse 2: Uniquan)
And Your gonna get hurt its just the way it goes
They call themselves bros yet they step on your toes
It just comes to show there are people who oppose
Your girls became hoes for reasons only god knows
So they you should expose then find out the ratio
Between real and fake between Adam and snake
Cause in such gibberish quan don't part take
Id rather smoke a jay and let my third eye awake
When things get hard just send a prayer up above
God will surely bless you kid he is full of so much love
You learn from you past, decisions and mistakes
Cause mistakes that you've made is knowledge that will last
And he who laughs last always tend to laugh longer
Go back a little to leap further

(Verse 3: Uniquan)
Lemme me give you motivation as I speak from observation
Im putting Purpose to pen tryna snatch the minds of men
My words are conversations between you and your mind
Asking questions to your conscious hoping you can respond
Advance beyond your comfort zone and step into the unknown
Don’t let fear be your addiction always stick to your convictions
Look fear in the face Look it deep in their eyes
Wake the devil up and poke him in both eyes
Fuck that hater sell the traitor Patience and persistence
You gotta step back to leap a little further
You'll only go the distance when you decide to move
But you're bound to get cramps chasing perfect opportunity's
Your the master of your fate and the captains of your soul
So you gotta take control, wow!!
Don't let this world eat you up and take you down whole

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