Vivafidel & Gat Turner - KILLwaukee [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Vivafidel & Gat Turner
Album: Killwaukee
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

In Killwaukee

We are at war! Stand up! Not even safe in the womb here!
Gat Turner , Viva Fidel…in Killwaukee..

I wear the stamp of the camp that I’m trapped on
Flowing through my veins, Branded on my backbone
I’m roaming with a mask on, blending with the captives
You learn to stretch a dollar like your money was elastic
Freaks come out at night and then return to their caskets
Get caught out of bounds, mess around and get your ass kicked
Just ask “Big Dog”, even Glen fell into a pitfall
“You should’ve built a Boys Club, Better run that shit…” Killwaukee Style!
God bless the little child living foul, but that’s a year’s salary around your neck
Run it Now! & Run for cover… Cuz the field niggas taking over
Summerfest and State Fair, Find a spot and stay there , until the coast is clear
Even our parents, man they live in fear..
But them shots that they hear come from the children that they rear
Niggas fled the south, like Moses led them out
But now I think they know they’re still in Pharoah’s house
They built a Supermax for these ghetto blacks and latinos
While your babymama losing stacks at the casino
You are where you are and you gon’ be where you gon’ be
K-I- double L-W-A-U-K-double E
It’s like “Pop Life” nigga, “Erotic City” nigga
Its “Scandalous”, my city full of “Controversy” nigga
No more “Happy Days” niggas packing pitbulls
& been praying for Alexis since she vanished from her school
It’s still one hustle, It’s still one mission
Gat Turner, Gun of God, FOI I’m still fishing
If they chalk me, tell ‘em that I fought with those that fought me
Right here In Killwaukee

In Killwaukee
We got mamas in the club
While they shorties in the street seeking love

In Killwaukee
We might have to bust Mike out of prison
Cuz niggas in my city ain’t forgiven

In Killwaukee
Man it’s niggas snatching up our babies
Cuz the whiteman’s world drove her crazy
In Killwaukee

Man we got a system full of villains and ain’t no religion in them
Even niggas politricking…

Viva Fidel:
I'm off that ‘East, East East’ so the mouthpiece is lethal
Follow ya 1st instinct watch out for ‘them people’
The criminals got badges and big ass budgets
But the all the schools gettin shut down so the youth is like ‘fuck it!’
They ask us to vote blind & believe in a lie
We see today’s math as do for self/unite or die
I don't make diss records about elected officials
But I'm blessed tell the street soldiers who to shoot with them pistols
Me and my niggas decided to show up uninvited
They kept calling us the misguided so much it got us united
Isolate to operate w/out being infiltrated, cuz its so many snitches
Which one of you tricks is hating? The Great Gat Turner- ‘Killwaukee’ general
Or VivaFidel ‘Murder Mil’ imperial
When the gods spotted together the devils get to plotting
So we know the mic is tapped but we have to keep rockin
Like the Palace in the early 80’s or the Black Panther Militia
When they tried to call Commander crazy
‘Happy days’ n the 41four/ Lavern and Shirley turned out early
Now they Fonzerelli’s whores , the preachers is pimpin
We don't listen to politicians
I'm up at the schools lendin my ears to the children
Combat WARdrobe , don't wear no disguise / this them bowties & bean pies
Those Red Black & Green guys- same gang patna!
Powerful as possible- that Cream City attitude , truth is unstoppable
So they can't off me! At all! 'Bitch I'm from KILLwaukee'
Just thought I'd remind yall

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