Welsh - On the Low [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Welsh
Album: Man To Maniac: Blood In My Pen
Data wydania: 2013-12-10
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Sawan Ramp

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Tekst piosenki

[Hook: Welsh]

Sinner in a room of demons
I been keeping on the low
Make a visionary need a reason
I been evil on the low

[Verse 1: Welsh]

Im the opposite of what you expected
I set the bar high doing all you neglected
I hadda start why? I had to be infectious
A large time I share this message
Pondering about my situation
Devil & I are like David & Goliath
This is hatred at its finest
I commit suicide & you would die
I wouldn't be causing violence
Whos to choose your side & define it
Without me who the kids gone side with
Im mufassa all others are just lieing
Overly confident put the city on my back now
Watch the sky drop in the background
I top my past goals against black souls
I can't back down
My mind rots on the back roads but I fight through it
Ideas on my mind I might do 'em
Im barely living
Them same tactics keeping me alive
Everybody can live when im feelin dead
My hearts the 808s, my brains the snare
My lifes an instrumental & theres not much high tempo left
Pop strings for inspiration
They always told me never lie
Im feeling fine but my hour glass on its back
Theres no need to know what remains
This is nothing the same
I was born a king, I'll die a king
Im looking through the reign
Imagining i dont have to worry
Imagining him as the pilot
Imagining im not insane
Imagining we boutta crash, yelling fly it
Imagining passengers holding their kid praying to god they live
Realizing its all over
I gotta be keeping on the low
Im a sinner in a room of demons


[Verse 2: Welsh]

You never seen a man as crazy
You never seen a plan as shady
I pan the waiting by kidnapping father time
Wave to mother nature & tell her next time, right now isn't the best time
On the verge of death, but I'll survive
Made my maker last week while he was asleep
Id rather not succeed
Id rather be at war & burn the peace
I wanna battle & earn the sleep
Your best ideas are worth my forgotten dreams
I murder the hit man, hes no use to a suicide bomber
Im only evil but you decide rodger
I held a convic hostage
He said he killed me & then left me in the garbage
Next week I resurrected & Im a savage with twisted tactics
I make your son vanish & tarnish your hard shit with my worst shit
You fake rapper you make laughter
I just started & you should wanna take after what im doin'
I got years till im peaking
The people im starving with one day I'll feast with
But jesus believe this the attention im seekin has weakened
I want the music to be speaking
All these misconstrued interviews
Taking my words, spit & chewed & spewed to create a neusance & it ain't to prove shit but give me another excuse to take a reporter & make him report abuse
Yeah its true its hiphop
Its not meant to be taking literally but whos to say im not telling the truth
I guess im just satanic makin my Mom panic with these skitzafrantic actions
Im keepin on the low, im a sinner in a room of demons
Make a visionary need a reason, I been evil on the low


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