Welsh - The Anthem [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Welsh
Album: Man To Maniac: Blood In My Pen
Data wydania: 2013-12-10
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: MuteMelodies

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Welsh]

Reminiscing when you were here
Playing with toy cars
You would always steer
How could I have a fear?
It was gone once you'd appear
Wipe the fog off the glass
I understand its clear
As you sit on the other side
I can tell your fine
But the glass won't shine
I can share my mind
No matter what time it is
I can see its breaking
What could this be creating?
I see an hallucination
You left our nation
I need some respiration
Wake up wishing for a dream
And you werent there
You were always caring and kind
If you hear this
I just wanna sign you hear
Me and you combined?
Damn that loves undefined
Words can't explain how I feel
Life changed in a flick of a switch
I felt pain
Whos here to heal?
I said whos here to heal
This is my anthem to you
Nobody could ever be like you
I remember you saying just be you
You could never be more true
Only you fit these shoes
Everyone else was a size too small
We've set apart by this wall
But you're only down the hall
One day I'll run over
Hoping I never fall
I could crawl
But that'll take decades
I dont just act lost
I miss you Poppop
This my anthem to you

Hook - Welsh

Heres my anthem to you
I am who I am
Heres my anthem to you
You gave me the power
Heres my anthem to you
I shined inna dark room
Heres my anthem to you
I got a plan to start soon
Heres my anthem to you
Helped me understand the truth
Heres my anthem to you
Got me thinkin theres hope
Heres my anthem to you
Im survin onna tight rope
Heres my anthem to you
Im truly never alone
Heres my anthem to you
Made me demon prone
Heres my anthem to you
The reasons home
Heres my anthem to you

[Verse 2 - Welsh]

The first night I was shaking
Hours were days making it inside of this duration
We had our final salutations
The first day it was happiness
The last day was tears
Your sickness to fear
I can remember naps and stories on your lap
Until you lost your hair and no color was a scare
We all couldn't bear
Couldn't make our games
Hitting every home run for you
Giving you the ball pain I had to strain
Now what remains?
Being the best soldier
Winters just get colder
How could I ever get over who I look up to?
I learn from you to continue your great life
Lost all the light
Looking up and crying each night
Getting past was a fight
I knew you were saying it'd be alright
You gave me the power to write
I found my perfect sight
Till we reach our destiny
Enemies never get the best of me
Invisibly makin our own history
Its not a mystery your by my side
This is our time
From rhyme to rhyme
You'll always be in my heart
Helping me through right and wrong
Got me writing these songs
Here's my anthem to you


[Verse 3 - Welsh]

As we sit in silence
Takes thousands of years for a diamond to form
Deaths defiance and life's alliance caused a giant riot
1 way ticket to heavens gates
Your spirits were the pilot
Only tears could fly it
You were Zeus of the Titans
King lion and always fighting
But as the clouds widen and earths hiding
Poseidon deciding to stop lighting upon our enlightenment
Doctors tryna to wake you
Saying we make you but even in heaven Ill break through to take you past the evil
You were always there to care and share advice to get me off the ice
Since you left I spread what you taught me on this mic
Your life inspires me to wanna make another life right to just pass the night
Each kid needs some light and I ain't rapping under Welsh anymore
Im doing this behind your might to help a life
I took upon your crucifixion on hittin or missin this intuition to recieve a listen
I believe I took your soul and put it up my sleeve to relieve some pain or relive what you did
Cause Im just a branch but you'll make me a tree
Always a plate at dinner &and a gift on under the tree on Christmas eve so you know you never left our mind
Confined to this box assigned throwin rocks but after your twine stops im left pickin up pieces
Its a law not a thesis your needed
Your treated like jesus we won before we got defeated
Im not being conceited when i say i had the best but now your times completed
Stories always repeated and conversations never deleted
Its been 2 years but we've over came fears and I learned your worth the tears
You made me who i am today so i thank you i love it in every way


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