Who Cares - The Ghost Of Friday Night [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Who Cares
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

"I think I'm in love with you"
He says as he grips her hand tightly
Sincerely wishing for a chance to hear her make her confirmation
Secluded from the rest of the masses in a social drinking affair
Selling convincing stories about [?] heart to heart resuscitation
"I love you" as she returns gazing signals
Affectionately thumbing with her already squeezed hand
No one can see inside but it feels like you were there
Watching restlessly for the integration of a woman in Nam
He offers her another drink and as he recedes into position
He thinks once about the right thing and twice about the other
Delighted by how easily his plan was put into affect
Enthralled by the idea of defiling this young lover
He says that he has always felt this way about her secretly
But she was just too much for him ever try to touch
She looked back into his eyes
She wonders how he was created
Can't believe this beautiful young man is confessing his love
Moving closer she could feel her breath get heavy as it falls
Amongst the rest of the burning promise delivered
Holding his face tightly she looks through both their cloaked eyes
After warmth that overcomes her as her neck is attacked by shivers
All stricken by the music they composed of silent poetic movement
Grabs tightly onto the comfort of being in the company of beauty
He makes his final move and she consents without a second thought
She said "I've always loved you but I still can't believe you love me"
Days of war quickly change to love at night
He kisses her neck one last time and then he turns off the light

An alarm sounds at 6 AM on Monday morning
She stretches slowly and thinks about her newfound friend
Eager to be back around the hustle and bustle of high school
Excited about the chance at spending time with him again
Open the doors of a closet stocked with current fashions
Search painstakingly for the pieces that best embodies seduction
Now apply facial features smoothing away minor imperfections
At last accessorize status improve economic consumption
7:59 and first period, bells collide
Sounding a warning to get inside but tardiness is far from on her mind
It's been three days now since she's committed to her desires
And she hasn't seen or heard his voice but memories plague a thousand times
He walks in with his friends laughing in a normal school demeanor
Making no effort to by contact or even affectionate glimpses
Smoothly striding through rows of those who share his [?] clothes and baseball hat and slowly sinks in a sitting position
Finally he glances quickly in her direction
Acknowledges the look on her face and then looks away without any feeling
She can't believe that she can give that all she has just to watch him sit in silence counting beams across the ceiling
The next bell clings
Class has finally ended
Hopefully now she'll get a chance to see why he's so removed
Moving quickly she bounces between the other students
And calls out his name as he disappears into the old navy blues
Nights of love render ghosts in the day light
She opens the closet in haste and wonders if she'll be alright

It feels like it's been ages since they started living in silence
She still sees the same scenes as they repeat inside her memories
He said that he loved me and I was sure that it was the truth
But the only truth is pain, she remains in bed at home still trembling
She's starting to feel strange almost daily when she wakes
She's starting to feel like there's no way to make herself to feel ok
Every morning she hopes that she'll have a reason to smile
Every night she reflects on the hate that she endured that day
Now as she's wondering if things can get any worse
Realizes that she doesn't feel any signs of a stomach cramping
Her bodies agenda normally runs on a sun schedule like clockwork
But this time theres another party left standing
She speaks with god on one-on-one terms and keeps it secret
Hiding herself away from those she loves but couldn't tell
"I know you can help me if you're watching, extend your hands, I need forgiveness and a choice but the earth feels like a burning hell"
Reluctantly she makes an appointment for that week
She drags herself to the clinic and become another teenage love casualty
Her eyes sweep swiftly across the rest of the broken faces
She doesn't believe she's one of them but then she admits they're just like me
Her doctor says "abortion isn't a way or form of birth control, you should really think twice before you make these decisions"
"I understand but it was only once and he said that he loved me"
No doctor could ever know the hell this girl was made to live in
Even after the day becomes dark and you lose sight
There's no way of ever hiding for the Ghost of Friday Night

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