Why? (Yogi) - Party Girl [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Why? (Yogi)
Album: The Jack Kelsey Files
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Urban Art Beat

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1]

She was a party girl wasting her life
Went out in the day time and came home the next night
Battered and bruised kind of confused sips Heineken brews
Watching the news in new shoes used

To hit up the club the drinking and drugs
Was leaving he bugged like roaches and fleas
She had a boyfriend that smoked all of her trees
Didn't cater to needs but he loved to party

Neglected this shorty escapes in the lime light
A fine dime dynamite passing the flashing lights might
Have the guts to face life but she got stage fright
Her boyfriend made he hate life, she's sleeping with a strange dyke

On a late night train ride met her at west 4th
Instantly attracted by her dress short…er
Than a midget baby walking on the platform
Lured cause the Devil made me but t wouldn't last long


Maybe… Someday We can can go hiding from this world x4
Maybe we can go hiding (Harmony)

[Verse 2]

I met her on the street when she ran away
Join the military her uncle same would say
But I'm a visionary so i showed her the way
Had he brain storming like February when it was May

She said she was gay cause her boyfriend beat her
Tried to get rid of the thoughts and induce amnesia
She's a skeezer couldn't please her but I need to show her the way
She loved my swagger and sway

I had to throw back the fish I couldn't catch
And If I could have matched my kicks and my hat
I probably could of tapped, that ass from the back
In fact i noticed that she needs her soul back

Only the mos high could give he that, so she had to leave
To grow on her own cause I planted a seed
She changed her life and quit sipping Bacardi
I still think about her evertime that I party


[Verse 3]

I ran into her 1 day by the bodega
With low paper the whole neighborhood saw us talking
When we started walking her cell phone vibrated
Her boyfriend was calling to see where she's at

Should of left it at that said she'd call him back
Indeed he hollered back and screamed kind of mad
I said "Look Listen I got to go"
She said " It's you I'm missing and you got to know"

No Ma'am can't be your other man
When you got other plans and I'll be dammed
If I'm the one to break up your relationship
Uhhh..Now ain't that a bitch

So waved her goodbye and I kept it moving
She gave me a look that described confusion
Then asked me "Will I see you again"
I replied "maybe on day when we party with friends"


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