X Saviour - Pagans Remix [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: X Saviour
Data wydania: 2015-04-07
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Footsie

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: X Saviour]
If Santa is Satan
What kind of gifts are our children awaiting?
Mental disease allocation
Poor education, for the Nation
Listen to the sounds of the lost the generation on radio stations
Family there's no elevation
Criminal minded
In love with the violence ensuring a prison visitation
Come witness the miracle
Watch as I manifest God in the physical
Visual, lyrical, spiritual teaching that morals are pivotal
Knowing the future is digital
Income becoming residual
Demons are claiming the natural resources and minerals
The motion of changing this world always starts with the actions of one individual
What kind of demon poisons the water?
Sexualising the mind of your daughter
Turning the Prince to a pauper
These are the pagans of the old world order
Order in the court of law
With the gavel of authority
The wrath of Thor
I remember the myths and legends of old
The renaissance the Golden age of the Moors
You can't estimate the power of a word once spoken
Most choose to drown in the pools of emotion
God found the Christ and Elijah was chosen
The Messiah who made sure the dead have awoken
Transform the minds of the sacred
The one educated
Heralding the end to the Matrix
By destroying the World where the black man is hated
Under the spell of the Mojo
The spook God's a no show
See, most know
It's too late to move slow
You gotta move fast when a gun blows
We're living in a time with a race against time
Where the dumb, death and blind
Do crime and pose for the photo and turn homo
Even the strongest men get thrown in a dojo
A man will smoke to get high
Sell some drugs to get by
Buy some clothes to look fly
Wear a watch to see time
Sex a girl cause she's fine
This the shit that they want
This the shit that they need
This that shit that's from me
This that shit that they want
Tell me where are you from?
I'm the God from London
Yes I'm the son of the Villain
No I don't I sound like Dylan
Or Pagans that do thy bidding
By killing or spreading diseases to women
Go to the doctors receive the prescription
Impulsive addictions
Champs on the table inside pocket got pills of pencillin
You might be sick
But the doctor told you I am the illest
Can you all please stop pretending
Like your souls not effected watching Eastenders
I'm so offended, that I wrote this message
When the teachers talking
Are you paying attention?

[Sample: Louis Farrakhan]
We want some of this Earth, or we'll tear this whole damn country up

[Verse 2: X Saviour]
Hear the war cries of a veteran
They kill one of ours
We kill one of them
Remain vigilant, stay disciplined
And we'll witness the rise of a militant
Black Power raised on truth
Resurrection is our power at this hour
The God Nas told you the World is ours
So repeat after me
I will not die a coward
Accept your own and be your self
A reflection of God in these times of Hell
There's no way we'll fail
If you'd die for your brother
That's the Magna Carta
The true Holy Grail
Who is the original man?
Prophecy says he shall prevail
Let's usher in a New World Order
And witness the end of the World

[Sample: Louis Farrakhan]
Those who believe, and are the doers of good to others
There is no fear for them nor shall they grieve
I want to be fearless

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