Aaron elijah - I Don't Know [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Aaron elijah
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: MF Love

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: aaron elijah]
I feel the droplets like a rainy day
Ashes to Ashes
Is the game in the drain they play
"Cash it and ash it"
Is what we said today
My consciousness goes out and in
I feel the water rush down my skin
Like rivers and I'm the planet
My minds a whirlwind i begin to go on more than one tangent
I'm a seed but i wanna be a flower
So i'll be here for an hour in the shower as i,
Watch the water go down the drain
I ponder will i, slaughter or be slain?
When i wander will i falter or maintain?
These questions need an answer
These confessions bleed a cancer
Often we do nothing but be following blindly
Get fed hate and we swallow it kindly
As we wash it down with ignorance
I gotta ask.. Is it bliss?
We take for granted things with such significance
Trapped behind walls as if our brains are immigrants
Make the majority impotent
Make the greedy all powerful
Loves missing and hates bountiful
How can something so destructive be so poingant and abundant?
Its got me stuttering
"is Jesus really the son of Him?"
And, "whats really worth plundering?"
Theres so little harmony the worlds wondering whats one again

I don't know

[Verse 2: aaron elijah]
Then i was laying in bed
My thoughts were spraying some lead
They didn't want me to sleep so i walked around campus instead
I saw this dude rocking dreads
He said, "cheer up" as if he can see what's in my head
I could tell people thought he was creepy by his raggedy clothes
Alone and easy is how tragedy goes
He goes on to say, "We could be gone today"
So i replied to this mysterious guy
I was curious why, he was so alone
As he was shaking, froze to the bone
He flowed a tiny poem
And said, "theres a reason why unity is within opportunity"
And as if i wasn't there he continued his eulogy
"Usually life was confusing me but baby when it was just you and me.. It was, simple."
I couldn't help but show a dimple
Then i saw he was on the verge of tears
That was the realist shit i had heard in years
I would've questioned further but at this point i was all ears
Plus i felt he was happy i was just there
The ones who don't show it are the ones who most care
So we sat there in the night air
With nothing but the creek noises
He finally tried to open his mouth but couldn't speak voices
Finally he said, "Just know when you feel alone
You're not the only one out there thinking there's no hope
If anything that should give you a way to cope
Knowing at least you're not the only one who thinks their a joke."
From the cold air his breathe turned to smoke
He then said to me, "go home kid and always know you're not alone kid."
I got back to my room called my sister and told her I missed her
That night I slept soundly
Something changed about me
That night it rained without me

Now i know

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