Aaron elijah - Lay It Down [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Aaron elijah
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Sighdafekt

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: aaron elijah]
Believe me all roads worth taking aren't easy
Things never go as planned but I feel that's all part of the plan
You can do anything it just depends on the heart of the man
The paths that are the hardest
Are the ones that get you the farthest
I don't want my past mistakes
To go down harsher than an acid milkshake
But sometimes we need a wake up call
Tomorrow could be our last so today say it all
So here I go About a year ago
I shed a tear or so
Failing I feared it though
I dare to admit
I was scared of embarrassment
At the time the real aaron hid
If only I knew confidence was key
Though the doors it opens is a mystery
Without creativity you cannot make history
People called me ridiculous
No one would've listened to this
Well I'm tired of the bigotry
This chance is looking big to me
I'm thinking wishfully
So I'm praying now
To have the strength to...

Lay it down, lay it down, lay it down
Put your hat on the floor

[Verse 2: aaron elijah]
You left too early
But don't you worry
You still made me who I am today
What can I say
I miss your company
I miss you tucking blankets under me
I miss you and me jamming in the car acting childish
Well If I could ask for one wild wish
It'd be for you to admire this
I just wanna Make you proud
You made me who I am i need to say thank you aloud
I'm doing this for you
Every second of every minute
I'm all in it
You taught me so much
In only nine years
I miss your touch
Now I'm crying tears
You were best friend
This is so hard when will this test end
Death is easy I guess to live is to suffer
Not for nothing though, but to get us tougher
There's good in every circumstance at first you might just not see it
Find the changes you want in this world and be it
I'm stressing though for once I need to..


[Verse 3: aaron elijah]
We're growing old fast
I wish it could last
With every breathe We come closer to death
The thought of death, It blows my mind
I want to pause not go with time
I just want to flow my lines
Im always
The kid in the hallways
Rapping quietly
But inside I'm going wildly
I am so ambitious
So many wishes
So I am vicious
Up all night writing something lyrical
Musics my angel it works Miracles
I'm not rapping for the Whips
Just flowing before the opportunity slips
So I stay away from banana peels
And question all mass appeals
So busy I don't have time to plan a meal
Always in my room oh i meant studio
Musics all I need sorry girl I'm trying to be rude to yo
I work harder than Rudy though
So I think it's time for you to go
Cuz These tracks I need to..


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