Adam and Bones - Harry's Bar [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Adam and Bones
Album: Don't Move
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Sherlock Holmes

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Tekst piosenki

Man this is a joke
Always like
Ah, I'm so fucking wet!
Whats that, are it's a pub...

Verse 1

Yeah, I'm sat up at the bar
Hit me with a Whiskey, Mr C I travelled far
Just me and my haggard nag pack and my guitar
With my six shooter, sleeping on my back under the stars
I start a tab out my card
Yeah, a lot of people ask
It's from the bank of under mattress at my yard
I'll get paid later
Yeah that's right, i'm playing later
Keep the liquor coming mate, the taste savoured
Me? Pace it? Well that's non of your concern
You'll eat your words, when the place is full of faces in our bar
Now hit me with another, I can't drink the shadows in my glass
If I could, i'd have a mansion and a car, now
All I got's this headache and a rash up on my arm
So best hit me with another, I rap badder when i'm jarred
And I'm not due til' after dark, and it's a full moon
Take that bottle mate, more fool you
Don't think i can pull through, without you on my side
(?) rule roosts
I can see it in your eyes that you do too
Don't be fooled by my size, I could school you
Bad Jew Ju-Jitsu and voodoo
Beat you so brutal, you'll be weeping to your *cough, cough*
Sorry, i got carried away
I meant to say, do you do food?

* Break*
"but there's tragedy in all this"...

Verse 2

Hang on
Where's the guy who booked me?
What you mean you don't know, don't push me you rookie
I know all promoter types are crooked, man
I've been about
And I won't make a sound out my mouth until I seen the goodies
Is that a 30 year scotch, let me take a lookie
You know my credits good, I'm booked
I said before, that I write better when I'm well and cooked
Hey you're nice, got a fella? want a bevvy toots?
No, I thought not
Walk off
Girls in this town like Fort Knox
Wait til' I've played mate
And then I'm everything a girl wants
Bartender, hit me with that old scotch
I can take my drink son
I don't need to hold off
Know how far I travelled here
Try to fob me off with packet crisps and a can of beer
Where's the man with cash and that scram
I am famished here
You want raps appearing or me dashing, you got talent here
Once the man's paid, then the magic's here
See me stand on that stage, act cavalier
And amp the centigrade up to Tanzania
Yeah i don't look much
But best believe I've got the good stuff
Getting it frothing up, like a coke can that shook up
You don't believe me, I can see it in your eyes though
Right Homes, I'll prove it, where's the fucking microphone

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