A-Game - !oloY [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: A-Game
Album: The Graveyard Shift
Data wydania: 2013-06-25
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: DPZHOE

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1] (Danky)
I'm rapping like there's ten of me
All you do is talk shit, Human Centipede
I got the Zoo with me, and it's time to feed
Straight robbin the game, and that's only out of greed
Yeah, and I smoked an ounce of weed today
Smoked with your bitch and she gave me good brain
And if there's one delay? I tell her andele
Cause I ain't got time to wait, catch up with the pace
Yeah, and I ain't gettin' paid yet
But when I do? I'm a be in a private jet
Hopped up out the coup and she's getting wet
I got a hundred flows to blow, just haven't showed you yet, bitch!
Any my whole team WINNING!
We the type of niggas say "Fuck ya feelings!"
And I'm chillin, I'm straight nigga
Got a group of bad bitches on a date nigga!

[Verse 2] (DPZHOE)
DPZ, Captain Swag, numero uno I have what you lack
All on that pussy like a maxi pad, you talking shit? Better take it back
I'm crazy I'm outrageous, I'm ill and it's contagious
Ask your bitch, I'm her favorite, asked for the dome and then she gave it
Goddamn! It's Still Chillin', no money, but I'm pimpin'
You claim that you are better so it seems you haven't listened, bitch
Sailor Swag throw it up, sippin' sizzurp rollin' blunts
All I had was burr for lunch, I'm the Master where's the Dutch?
Co-ed sleepovers with bad bitches and a reaking odor
From all the kush, guaranteed that we ain't sober
And if you don't like the swag? Then you can shut the fuck up
And if you sailing nigga? Go ahead, fill your cup up!
No condom on, that's YOLO, fuckin' yo bitch while you SOLO
And she dropped that ass so low, I'm the shit, so that's how it goes
Official? I'm the definition, tell that nigga quit the bitchin'
And if your bitch ain't givin' me the brain? Catch her in the kitchen

[Verse 3] (Bird)
Yeah, Bird!
We stay high, Zoo Crew!
I ain't lying! (I ain't lying!)
I'm just flying! (I'm just flying!)
My profile is so wild, been smoking marijuana for a while
Purple sip to help me think, liquor drink to help me sleep
If you want it I got it, I can get you some tropic
Yeyo in a blunt dipped in syrup, let's get it poppin'
Don't stop, drop it girl! Let me see that ass shake
Come here let me lick your pearl, you don't have to masturbate
I'm a badass I break glass, fuck school I skip class
Run in with no mask, taking everything that you have
Gimme the ball and I'm a shoot, you say fuck me? Then FUCK YOU!
SwooZoo to the Zoo Crew, we fucked up, we Skrewz Loose
Snapback on my head, lace up my shoes I'm ready to go
Out the door with a chick, and a blunt full of dro

[Verse 4] (A-Game)
I'm standing five foot eleven inches, bitch you know that I'm the realest
Went from rags to riches, bitch I'm quick to ditch you in a minute
Cause I'm used to fakes, and you gon' be the ones who get diminished
In it to win it, I'm a lieutenant, never forget it, pray for forgiveness
Fucking with the Zoo Crew? Get put in I.C.U. dude
I'll blast you like a two-two, me and Bird we be Skrewz Loose
I was too cool for school, true - I guess that I'm a fool, you
Bitches ain't shit to me except some doo-doo on a shoe, boo hoo
Sag my pants, rock my vans, grab a t-shirt and a fitted
Double-zero plugs in my ears, they intrigue the bitches
I ain't lying when I tell you facts that I be winnin'
Livin' my life how I want it, I'm a never be repentin'
I'm out this world, and it's making all these haters scream
Full of anger cause I am the one that they wish they could be!
I'm out the 941 and rolling with the illest team
Don't like it? Check my single, it's called "Fuck What You Think"

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