A-Game - The B-Town Cypher [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: A-Game
Album: The Graveyard Shift
Data wydania: 2013-06-25
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Spencer Bellamy

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1] (A-Game)
I'm a mothafuckin' beast on a beat
I'm a feast on your flesh 'till the day you deceased
We be grinding like your teeth in your sleep on these streets
We ain't putting down the mic until the day we rest in peace
Masked Vilin, Zoo Crew, A-Game put it down
You other rappers should work at a circus, cause we make you look like clowns
Fans gather round when we spit on a beat
Far from snitches we gon' say it loud: Fuck the police
Please, we the illest killas fresh out of the Zoo
We some Masked Vilins and you know we coming after you
You are insignificant like a tear drop in the rain
We don't wear necklaces because we off of the chain
We be sick and insane, make your bitch give us brain
Your girl's our slut make her scream, she's in pain
We don't keep with lames, fuck all you tattle-tale bitches
Cause we all know that stitches are for the mothafuckin snitches

[Verse 2] (Bird)
Killing the beats, we out the Zoo I am me, but who are you?
Money see monkey do, you want beef? I want beef too
Chemicals I'm spitting, melting everything in vision
It's a lesson I be teaching class in session, grab a pencil
A-Game, Zoo Crew, Masked Vilin this is all I do
I'm a rap 'till I die, but this ain't nothing new
If you want it? Come and get it I got aim like a lieutenant
One shot the whole game's finished in a minute

[Verse 3] (Putter)
Call me an octopus cause I'm mad armed
When you hear that gun sound, you might be alarmed
And I fuck with the hoes just like I'm farming
Fuck with me I'm like the SWAT team about to charge in
Let me get it started, this beat's old school; Atari
Split the gar, call it departing
You need to get your shit straight, parallel parking (uh yeah)
Out there hating, cause your money's falling
Catch me balling, smoking blunts chilling at parties
Compared to Masked Vilin and A-Game you're sorry
Zoo Crew take your ass on a safari
No kidding, we strapped up just like an army

[Verse 4] (C2)
I'm something like a killa when I be up on a track
I'll turn your fucking head around and make you face your back
I put my pistol to your head, now you scared why is that?
Cause you a scary bitch and that's a proven fact
You always fucking running, can you tell me why is that?
Cause I am the dog and you are the cat
My swag is so fly it got me looking like a jet
So don't walk up on a vet I'll leave your body soak and wet
Drenched in your own blood I make the low waters flood
Drain it out like a tub, I'm getting nasty like some mud
But I'm bout to switch it up, and I'm a do it like this
My last name is Riddle and my first name is Chris
And you can call me C2 cause that's who it is
I'm repping Masked Vilin, 941 to the fullest
Dodging all these fucking haters like a bulletproof vest
I'm a stop playing round, cause my verse is bout to end, look!

[Verse 5] (D.Ship)
Hop up in this bitch with the whole crew
That's SwooZoo, quick to kill fuck niggas just like you!
We don't play around in my fucking town
Niggas hit you with the steel one time and lay you fucking down
If you wanna see some real shit, come around my way
I'm a snatch your girl up with Put and leave her tame
You think I'm fucking playing?
My crew's never starving, stay strapped like an army
And we putting beats to rest, D.Ship's the best
Come on Zoo, let's put the THC in the chest

[Verse 6] (A-Game)
After hearing how we spit, you'll need a therapist, Dr. Phil
Everybody's sleeping on us, overstock of seroquele
Bitch niggas they know the deal, knowing that we all are real
Talking shit to us is when your mothafuckin' life get's sealed
Wanna rap battle? Please, pick the time and place
We'll make you catch a fade and leave you deader than MySpace
Hah, "A Place for Friends" more like a place for your end
Better watch what you say or in a grave you'll descend
Telling little kids that violence is the answer
We keep it sick and filthy like our fucking name was cancer

[Verse 7] (Bird)
Rhymes are tight like a cameltoe, sweet like a cantaloupe
Blowing on the flamest smoke, you bring the blunts? I roll the dro
Try and stop me once I go, I'm rolling on E you know?
Try me wrong I'll pull a gun and put a bullet in your dome
Fo sho! It's the Bird mothafucka!
I be going hard in this mothafucka!
Middle fingers up to the jury and the judge
Fresh off the papers I'm a smoke me a fat one
To the dome, lean in my styrofoam
Speed dial bad bitches on my cell phone
Now what it is, now that I'm with your bitch
She give me dome, catches loads and don't even spit!
Swagged out in the diamonds like Gucci Mane
Hop on a track, I'm a go Waka Flame
In the sky, nigga fuck a parachute
Gimme the loot, gimme the loot, please don't make me shoot
Get back, get back, when you hear the shots pop
X on your head, you gon' get your dome knocked

[Verse 8] (Putter)
Masked Vilin, A-Game, & Zoo Crew
Make you get live in the booth, fuck you wanna do?
Ain't got no point to prove, poppin bottles, drinking booze
Never will we ever lose, and moves they lead to doom
Eat some shrooms, time to get trippy
Put the barrel to your mouth if you trying to get lippy
Chilling with your girl and we both feeling tipsy
And I always stay smoked out like a hippie

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