Alex Faith & Dre Murray - Southern Lights (Remix) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Alex Faith & Dre Murray
Data wydania: 2014-01-24
Gatunek: Rap, Christian
Producent: Cardec Drums
Tekst: Alex Faith, Cardec Drums, Ash Howes, Richard Stannard, Ellie Goulding, Tragic Hero, Corey Paul, JGivens, John Givez, SJD, Dre Murray

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Ellie Goulding]
Lights, lights, lights (repeat)

[Hook: Ellie Goulding]
You show the lights that stop me turn to stone
You shine it when I'm alone
And so I tell myself that I'll be strong
And dreaming when they're gone
Cause they're calling, calling, calling me home
Calling, calling, calling home
You show the lights that stop me turn to stone
You shine it when I'm alone home

[Verse 1: Alex Faith]
I don’t rap like Swoope
I don’t sing like Chris
I don’t do it like Dre
Cause I do it like this
We ain't the same but we complement
Putting on for my team every chance that I get
We live as kings on these tracks boy
Ain't serving fiends with no packs boy
Ain't in the club with no racks boy
Cause we grown men, check the facts boy
South side, A-Town, Riverdale in my bloodline
Lights up we stay down
Tell em who He is cause I love mine
Don’t want to see you die tonight without knowing who Jesus is
Son of God, King of all, gave up his life that’s what he did
We was lost but now we found
Adopted us and made us his
I can’t ignore all that he did
That’s why you hear me going in (go)
Going in, we light em up
Burn this mic', and do these shows, excellent
That’s what we do to these people now
Southern lights that’s the lingo now
What me and Dre go down
ATL, H-Town, y'all was awake but you know us now
We turn it up, why turn it down
We tell the world with that boy Lecrae
We make it last so you hear the sound
Going hard so we see the day

[Verse 2: Dre Murray]
I'm going all in, I ain't leaving while I'm breathing
I'm a keep my eyes open while I'm dreaming
If you sleeping what's the reason
Save the slumber for the heathens
See you peeping what I'm eating
Oh this here this be my season
Yes I'm seasoned, but the youngin'
He took a bunch of beatings
Keep in lines for the kids
Speaking to pops on the weekend
Yea I'm seeking, yea I'm seeking
More than less, little man stay stress
Peach fuzz on his face
Now the weed in his chest
Throwing, throwing up the set
Like he lost his little mind (mind)
But he know he really lost
He just praying for a sign
Of some light cause its dark
Yea nobody there to shine (shine)
In his house, just some work
And a fully loaded nine (nine)
Yea that boy think he ready
Five deep in the Chevy
Got a lot on his chest
Mind clouded, hard heavy uhh
See this is more than just me wanting to rhyme tight
We hit that stage and rhyme so we can shine bright


[Verse 3: John Givez]
This little light I have
No, the world didn't give it
And it can't take that, get back back back
Back inside the dark
I'm a beacon of the light
With the piece of art inside
With the peeps that's down to ride
Get back back back
From the side of the ocean
West coastin', CA
We pray to keep safe
You need faith 'cuz these days
A brother may take a life if you ain't from where he stay
I'm a Eastside Churchboi
No fear 'cuz I came up in Deep Valley
My mama prayed that she'd see the day that I came up to be godly
What do ya know the host of hosts He got me
Told me not to boast He the ghost of Bobby the Boucher
Touche for your crew play
Move way now back to the top
I need you to put your hands up like you know you really got that light
But it cost alright to the cross all bright
Anything in this world can stop our fight
Because it's not our might
If you got that Christ
Ahh, Hol' up can I switch the flow I need a break (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Hol' up, let me hit the floor, I need to brake (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Cause this is a relay and I need space
Just to keep pace with the elite
No retreat, or surrender Leonidas for the righteous
Let me shine this, brightness, like this

[Verse 4: JGivens]
Uh, Givens gon' start out by spoofing these dudes in this music y’all copy
Attacking the cloning these sheep be condoning and that’s word to Dolly
This is the part where I act like I trap and I practice my raps like my flows are Versace
Here’s where it’s silent
I don’t know why this environment lying…
Tell 'em one day
All these niños will turn into hombres
Lemme translate
That’s Boyz II Men
And that’s Wanya
Started occupying that Monday
Now we flying off of that run
While all the gunplay
Spit a sun ray
That’ll make em runaway
Like Kanye
And the cons wait
For the pros
John, can I get a Light?
In the back, Hands up
Matter fact scratch that
Dubs up
Get 'em high
Like noon-o-five
PAC stand time
Pack stands with a pack of Stans for the most high
Pakistan flows 'cuz I drop never mind
That’s just a stereotype
Like hurry up and buy
Or Pretty fly for a white guy
Or ain't them your dudes outside with them signs?
I’d read them but homie I'm blind
So in the meantime
I’mma stay on my grind
But when wrongs come in twos
They’ll never make a right
An eye for an eye is a lose for your Life
So what’s good for that mother goose
Ain't a humble cat, mummy wrapped in a tunnel rat
For example
That ain't even proper for the gander
Stand up
Sway 'em all the truth
God got the answers Blaow


[Verse 5: Corey Paul]
(This thing's new baby
Spit it, dump it, fill it, roll it
Lick it, light it, get it, hold it
Cough… Pass it, blew it, light it again
Yea baby lets blow a zip
Cause I fell like I'm suppose to be higher than I am
I know it's going higher than I am
I know I ain't meant to be higher than I am
I feel like I used to walk with the Lord
He created all but made me can-cur
That I used to ranker
Boys feeling like I'm going ape but it feels like I named 'em
I'd be feeling like a stagger
Feeling like a record
I'd be feeling like a bungler
'Post to be ballin'
Like I had a million
He used it to [?]
Call it what you want to call it but
In the beginning he was ballin' in
Genesis one we had bank role
Before we made it out tour we was dead broke
So now we got with [?] passion, tryna get it back
With Jesus already told us He'll be [?]
He is light, He say be the light
We gonna mess around 'cos the light is off
If your check don't come to the fifteen, you can that stingy chord from my house
I love ya baby, I ain't with ya though
You shine hard like my kinfolk [?]
And we all like at the bottom here so we see a young King in a manger, yeah

[Verse 6: Tragic Hero]
As I wave goodbye
The Angels cried
A flood of tears that angled high
I might go indie, I might get signed
I can't decide but do not compare me
What's a car door to a crow bar
And I drive with no license and I go hard
I'm Moses
I'm Mozart
Set 'em all free with my own art
Do you know what your living for
Your eyes are burning and my heels are sore
Everybody's a hero, I turned a villain why bring your feelings forward
I now dudes who'd be kinda thirsty
They cut a [?] my blood's dripping they place a cup underneath and they curse me
My whole life is a controversy
The weight is heavy, I lift my eyes up
Convince a Pauper that he's a prince
There's finger prints left on rocket launchers
Aimed at his home
But this ain't gone
Burn the whole world, let's teach them light
Release it all into the night
Heavy mirrors show me a martyr, I pray to my God through Jesus Christ
My selfie pics are like copies but not [?] they took the shots, they missed my heart beat who's gonna rat me out just the lights and no paparazzi
Burn the bridge
So nobody follows
Pour a glass and rag in the bottle
With them stones thrown at my own home
Don't look cause it's hello world

[Hook] (x2)

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