Alex Faith & Dre Murray - Takin' Time [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Alex Faith & Dre Murray
Album: Southern Lights: Overexposed
Data wydania: 2015-04-21
Gatunek: Rap, Christian

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Dre Murray]
When I was 33 I made my first mill
Same woman by my side we in love still
2 daughters and a dog and a nice crib
But I ain't dumb enough to think that where it all is
Me and Alex rappin' on the weekends
Ephesians 6:10 when my week ends
Sending e-mails to tie up all my weak ends
Pool of beats now I'm swimmin' in the deep end
Just tryna stay afloat, trusting in You
But sometimes I climb back in the boat like
Just let me be, I'm starin' in this mirror like
Let's be me for a change
Sometimes I feel I wanna be them for the change
And fatten up the chance that is slim for a name
Seein' red when I think of this world that I'll gain
But that's the reason why you came
For the lame like me

[Hook: Alex Faith]
I ain't got no money but I'm feelin' real
Special on my mind all I'm dealin' with
Chasin' all the dreams that I'll never get
When the light ain't on I'm still legit
So I don't wanna move to fast
I'm over here takin' my time
And I don't want regret my past
I ain't proud of every part of my life

[Verse 2: Alex Faith]
I'm ridin' down 285, man I've been feelin' strain
Reflectin' on my past and my present, thinkin' to future days
A lot of the time that I spent has started to feel like a waste
I'm prayin' and I know it's true, preparing for a better place
And I ain't chasin' a house and a whip because I have that
My home is wit the Lord of Hosts but I ain't livin' past that
Pressure that I feel to chase material things
Got these fronts on my fangs and a couple gold rings
But I'm pullin' up to the spot that I stay at out in College Park
I shoulda stayed in school but I ain't really have that college heart
I took a couple tests and I passed 'em
But I still feel the call to be a pastor should I ignore and look passed 'em
The southside raised me and it's radio
Livin' like a devil as a teen, that's just the way we go
Uh, am I foolish enough to think that I can change
Even though my heart was hard and darkened
I won't ever be the same


[Verse 3: Young Noah]
Ridin' through the city havin' visions of my past life
I couldn't say that it was reminiscing
A dark place I would rather not visit, you'd think of me different
Life goin' further down the drain wit every decision
Blind eye's couldn't quite see through the weed smoke
Straight out of scripture, I'll paint you a picture
Of a very present God who would never forget ya
Help me hear past the melodies of two felonies
I know I shoulda never been, is it true what He telling me
That I could be set free with new identity
Fast forward I gave Him my life, He asked for it
And He would never leave even if I would ask for it
So when I'm ridin' down 85 that gratitude fillin' me
I remember 2005 conviction was killin' me
Now Your spirit is healin' me from the hand of my enemies
Never knew that a guilty man could be freed from his penalties


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