Alex Faith & Dre Murray - Overexposed [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Alex Faith & Dre Murray
Album: Southern Lights: Overexposed
Data wydania: 2015-04-21
Gatunek: Rap, Christian

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Alex Faith]
Back home in the A you know I rep my city
Home of the Braves errbody tryna get it
One time for the South-Side know it's undefeated
Got a word for the haters out here sneak dissing
I can't hear you over the sound of this base in the trunk
I can't see you through the lens of my RayBan's', uh
They don't feel you, let me tell you 'bout the place that we come from
Block away from my house right now is a queen selling all she got on the corner
Got homies right now with the work tryna pay they bills selling marijuana
My bad homie, I don't play those games tryna stay away from drama
Middle American white kids they ain't never heard nothing like this
Mamma on the couch strung out, D-Fax storming through the door
And they taking her kids so she's slitting her wrists
They don't wanna hear about Jesus sitting in the pews of prosperity preachers
Got a mansion in the burbs and a church in the hood
But the Lord sees all when it comes down to it
And the blood of many young men slang cries out in the streets
Feel the pain in my words, feel the death in this beat
We were set up for defeat so close to the heat
Born with the barrel of a gun in ya face
Growin' up now he got a gun in his waist
Racism is strong see the confederate flag
Don't call the police you know better than that
Class barriers if you tryna get paid
Got your mamma in the line for the federal aid
No studio loans you tryna keep her home
I think it's something wrong with the way this is
So we stand for justice in the face of this
Cause where I'm from it's in my face you dig
I know the answer is Christ on a tree
Cliche maybe I just hope we see, amen
Answer is Christ on a tree
Cliche maybe I just hope we see, amen

[Hook: Sean C. Johnson]
When the cards that are dealt ain't fair
It can get so lonely here
You won't leave us
You won't leave no

[Verse 2: Dre Murray]
My brotha told me that my skin was my sin
And I ain't understand, he said
You'll get the picture when you develop as a man
See now I'm a believer so I know it ain't His plan
But I see my brotha's words as I travel through this land
Where the dark-skin perish, the fairer skin cherish
And that's within my own race with that I'm embarrassed
To even speak these words as I peek out from the terrace
And gaze at this homicide, they say it ain't homicide
We calling it genocide we fight to stay alive
You know how many tears I done seen on mothers faces
You know how much liquor they poured can't count the cases
All this before we explore hate from other races
See one thing I could never ignore is the faces
I see when I search my family tree there's no traces
Of Africans resembling me, man what's the basis
Of these companies that's charging a fee to turn the pages
On a book they didn't write, a life they didn't lead
They gathered in the night just to watch them bleed
That noose is still visible but bondage won't succeed
Lord come quickly freedom is what we need


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