Alex Faith & Dre Murray - Money [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Alex Faith & Dre Murray
Album: Southern Lights: Overexposed
Data wydania: 2015-04-28
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Alex Faith]
Whippin' in a 'Rarri, I'm 'bout to catch a body
This life ain't really worth it, but please don't tell nobody
Find me in the lobby, uh, 5 star hotel
Iced out, shinin' hard, boy that's what I know well
Rap about these places but you know that I don't go there
Flexin' for the likes on instagram, I tell 'em oh well
Sayin' I'm a gangsta shawty, please don't check my resume
All this talkin' on these records made me feel some type of way
I'm a fall back partna tho cause I am not a hater
But can see the life we takin' when you out to get his paper
And even if you really flippin' birds just take a listen
Makin' money in the street, you still a victim to the system
I'm frontin' cause all I ever heard was make that money
Till they catch you slippin' if you free, then they gon' take it from you
I know the odds is set against you but it is a better way
Made for mo' than that cause it's a life that they can't take away

[Hook: Alex Faith]
All I ever hear is that we do it fo' the money
Stack the paper to the ceilin' we just do it fo' the money
We dyin' in the street but we gon' do it fo' the money
The system set against us so we do it fo' the money
That paper shawty, that what we do it fo'
We dyin' shawty, that what we do it fo'
That paper shawty, it's nothin' less or mo'
They don't understand what we do it fo'

[Verse 2: Dre Murray]
I heard like befo' I was a teen
Mommy took me to the movies then I saw it on the screen
They was sun-wrapped in the product, they was workin' triple beam
They was cookin' in the kitchen then they serve it to the fiend
So I turned and said to mommy "What they doin' that fo'"
She moved in a little closer said " They want that dough"
Now imagine what that does when you are eight years old
And the people in yo hood say that they all know
How to get it, yeah I'm talkin' give and go
Fast breakin' to the hole but they move that snow
They got money in the ceilin', in the mattress, in the flo'
And that stack that's in his pocket, he just brought it out to blow
Yeah, life I've see on the southside
Grandmother she ain't like me goin' outside
Good people in the hood but some'll catch you slippin'
Yeah they trippin', man this thing is kinda lopsided
They want the money


[Verse 3: Reconcile]
All I ever wanted was a couple bands
Kept my name in the street, they say I’m the man
Pull fire on these lames talkin' disrespectful
Paper ain’t right, they say he ain’t successful
Money Mal got a bird for the summer
Hit that right, they flip that twice & hit the mall a stunner
Ain’t got time fo' these haters, save to convo
Rebound and distribute, Rondo
I speak it how they live it down in that dirty water
I see youngins' catch kingpins down in Florida
Ask a jit what he do, he say he “get money"
Ten years and parole ain’t worth a couple hunned
Don’t care how you cut it, boy look at here
All the real OG’s catchin' sentences
Ain’t no chasin' cash, chase a better way
Ain’t enough racks to change your life, Jesus can


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