Alex Faith & Dre Murray - Wake Up Music [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Alex Faith & Dre Murray
Album: Southern Lights: Overexposed
Data wydania: 2015-03-10
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Hook: Alex Faith & Dre Murray]
Take a look at my face when you look at me
Do you just see my race?
In America just trying to find my place
Take a look at my, Take a look at my face
You listening America?
Are you listening America?

[Verse 1: Alex Faith]
I woke up white in America trying to find my way
Back home to a place that I've never been to
Grateful to the Lord for another day
And the system is failing us
Handing out nooses on the regular
That's what I see and we don't speak enough
And even when we see it we don't do a thing about it
I guess it doesn't affect is til we see a white body
Laying dead in the street because the police shot him
And most white neighborhoods don't have the same problems
That the black ones face like every single day
And the news don't say it because the corporations run it
And the state run it all, politicians are a joke
And the two party system just killing us all the more
But let me fall back, I can hear my white friends packing bags and they're headed for the door


[Verse 2: Dre Murray]
I woke up black in America just trying find my way
No compass for the day
Beast roaming through the jungle on the prowl
Got me feeling like the prey
Can a congregation pray
Sly fox on the tube infuse what to think and what to say
That's the games they play
Eastwood in the hood and he yelling out make my day
That's why the sky so gray
Why the flag so blue on the other side the flag so red
My little homey from the Eastside opened the front door wide and took one to the head
Nobody went fed as he laid in the doorway he cried out as he bled
And this what he said
Why play the hand I'm dealt when my own kind want me dead
I'll just fold instead


[Verse 3: Swoope]
I woke up shocked in America
Eric G head locked in America
Televised got shot on a cellular
But not one cop locked in a cellie bruh
It's really hard for me to put my trust in police ugh
When they live by the gun
But they die by the beach house chilling with their feet up
Pensions and margaritas
What kind of lies are they selling us?
That we are post-racial?
Because we post racial memes of King
But never talk about the fact that he was shot by America
Before the movie y'all didn't even know where Selma was
Should I act like Huey or Little Rock Nine?
When I know instead of open arms to welcome us
They'd rather open arms, toolie or the Glock 9
Right in my face

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