Blake Ball & Mac McCann - Wake Up [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Blake Ball & Mac McCann
Data wydania: 2014-04-21
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Olu

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1 - Mac McCann]

Stealing the mic from those who had it first
Are we leaving hip-hop off for the worst?
Will what we stole, end up in a hole?
Abandoned, like rock 'n' roll?
Another white dude on the microphone
Gentrification of this hip-hop home
The white man hates hip-hop deviants
Locked 'em in cages, demanded obedience
But hip-hop laughed like a bunch of comedians
Racism still cuts sharp like a razor
Look how Macklemore is the white savior
As if Bill O’Reilly’s rants and raves
Are proof that hip-hop needed to be saved
But I’m not even mad at him, this booth is my Vatican
Okay… that’s a Macklemore line
To be clear, I love that dude’s grind
Yes he benefits from white privilege
But don't get it twisted, Macklemore’s still gifted
But let’s be honest, Kendrick’s on another level
And Macklemore got help from the white devil
Hip-hop has survived one problem to the next
By any means necessary like Malcolm X
Hip-hop has a dream, we’ll all be one
Knowledge reigns supreme over nearly everyone

Wake up from your deep sleep
Open your eyes, stop counting sheep

[Verse 2 - Blake Ball]

Should hip-hop be used to convey God’s gospel?
This is a hot topic but no need to get hostile
Rapper Lecrae won a Grammy last year
Yet some pastors upset; rap is something that they fear
But I believe it’s the best way to reach the youth
You got to speak their language and that’s the simple truth
Kids these days struggling to read their bible
Put scripture in your rhymes and they will be insightful
But Rev. Sharpton feels rappers shouldn’t be listened to
Money, sex, and drugs is all that they spit at you
Not all rap is good, I agree with you, pastor
But we are all sinners so don’t judge the rapper
Rap is more dynamic now then it was back in the day
Gospel rap is real so keep the stereotypes at bay
Yet every rapper will always have haters
For every Luke Skywalker there will be a Darth Vader
Sit down Kanye all you do is want
Your ethos is flaky like your damn croissants
To make good music, rap should have a message
To make you a better person to save you from the wreckage
Hip-hop changed my life I’ll tell you right now
I found Jesus in the rhymes and that is how
Hip-hop changed my life and that ain’t a lie
And I hope it changes yours before you die


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