Blind Mice - How Many [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Blind Mice
Data wydania: 1996-01-01
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Shawn J. Period, 56

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Tekst piosenki

[Hook, whispers in the back]
Only we come with that originality (7x)
Only we...

[Verse 1: Shadow]
How many rappers must burn before they learn not to fuck with originality? Await your turn
The Blind Mice, here to save the day in all the Hip-Hop
"Hooray" is what you say when you watch a nigga drip-drop
Right down the drain
They wallow in their pain and sorrow
Niggas talkin' shit like they won't live to see tomorrow
Your shit is hollow, I can see right through
So don't you dare perpetrate with your bitch ass crew
That's right dude, I'm talkin' to you
So don't look nervous
Don't try grabbin' up my hand and givin' up the lip service
Must have a purpose when I'm rippin' up mics
The crowd is hyped, I gotta get my fuckin' on tonight
So now you know, I step in with the skills of a pro
Mad verbal flow
"Must be that nigga named Shadow from the BM clique!"
Stayin' thick like Chinese fighting flicks
I keep it fit from a pad and a Vic and brothers feelin' it
I get paid from my blacks, cause I'm feelin' raps
Just like the spine in my back
If you wanna react then let me know that we're large while you can
Bacause I know the crowd is in charge-uh
You pay the fee to see your emcees speakin' publicly
But many fuck up when should be comin' naturally
But never we
We stay in top ten, the mics and Metafizz
From here to two-thousand and ten, yeah

Only we come with that originality (8x)

[Verse 2: Metafizz]
Well check it
Yo, everybody in they mother wanna be a rapstar
But all that biggity-biggity-biggity-biting shit will only get you that far
You bitch ass, I see right through your bubble-gum rap act
In fact Jack, ya own clique and ya moms wouldn't wreck that
Shit that you would be talkin' like you always puff L's
And now you been rockin' mics since LL's been rockin' the bells?
Well, fakin' no moves don't get no points in this game
We comin' original style, blowin' niggas out they mainframe
So maintain, niggas always scared to try a new thing
You on with 80's niggas and you front like you be Wu-Tang
Yo why the fuck?!
Niggas will suck just to make a buck
Well, now you stuck
"I saw your show" - Shut the fuck up
Mad shit be comin' on wax with no... weight - you fake
Mad niggas appointin' your release date
Huh, so you be bustin' shots and buggin'
Nigga went on tour and you'll be hangin' out with Shadowz, cousin
Well check this, we 'bout to kick it to some live ass shit
So bop ya head and tap ya feet cause we forget the matter
Blind Mice, we representin' the real niggas
Rappers grab your mics and let the gangsta niggas grab they triggaz
So bring the shit and come correct, and check
I disect and inject and earn mad respect
So uh, big up to all the groups and nig'z with they own
Yo, keep it real and bring it on 'til I'm gone

[Hook, whispers in the back]
Only we come with that originality
Only we come with that originality
(You gotta check it out)
Only we come with that originality
Only we come with that originality
Only we come with that originality
Only we come with that originality
(Check it, check it)
Only we...

[Verse 3: Shadow]
Now what the fuck...
I'm tired of all the the buck-buck-buck and niggas talkin' shit
And never ever load a clique so run it off they lips
But loose lips sink ships, and now they boat is sunk
We keep the rhythm in ya trunk and make ya Jeeps jump
That's how we earn mad pay to see the crowd sway
Would make my year, every fuckin' day
I lay low and stay tight through any fuckin' weather
One love, that's Metafizz, we keepin' shit together
And clever is how we stay above the choppy water
We slaughter, and kill yo crew in any fuckin' order
So 5-6 reach into yo bag of fuckin' tricks
And come quick and slap 'em back like they was (mental pricks?)
You hear just what a nigga say is always true?
Keep the flavours and the niggas back to 'tember too

[Verse 4: Metafizz]
Yeah, 'cuz everybody in they mothers, fathers and they brothers
Wanna be large and get they picture on the cover
Of The Source - now who be the boss?
It'd be me, of course
Niggas get signed, and written off as a tax loss
You wanna be what you never gonna be
So take a back seat to the original style emcee
So light it up and bring it back to the BM's
Mad uppin' my style collecting mad (Astor DM's?)
Huh, and gettin' all in that ass like swimwear
I've been there
And '96 is Blind Mice, we in there

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