Bliss n Eso - Happy in my Hoody [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Bliss n Eso
Album: Flying Colours
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

Direct from the Secret Garden, next to my hovering castle
I break it down fresh like the crunch of an apple
Shit, so just plug in my channel
It's that nutty motherfucker with a bundle of cashews
In his head, I just sled, as the jungle unravels
With my satchel, my lasso, I jumped on my camel
Set forth with my pallet and my colouring pastels
Jonathan Swift-ly writing his Gulliver's Travels
At the Bliss brewery, guzzle a bubbling glass full
Went under my chateau, where I hung up my shadow
From the mantle, free from the government shackles
I can handle anything the governor tackles
They have grappled deep with these troublesome vandals
You can catch me in my hoody when I come to the battle
In my crooked canoe, pick the puddle to paddle
Still that wonderful chap, who tipped the slumbering cattle

I feel happy in my hoody on a Friday, I feel happy in my hoody on a Friday
I feel happy in my hoody on a Friday, if you ain't fucking with us then you ain't going my way
I feel happy in my hoody on a Friday, with caps and kicks, pack the spliff full of high grade
I feel happy in my hoody on a Friday and I can't see you if you're coming at me sideways

It's the rainy days, versus the endless summer
The place she made, God bless my mother
It's the laws they make, the laws I break
The highs, the lows, the windy roads
The knowledge in rhyme, versus the bullets in your pistols
The dollars they dive for, the pusher with a Pit-Bull
The too cool for school, the never under pressure
The rebel with a cause, whose ready for whatever
So catch me in my hoody, flipping off the pigs
Don't come around here there's no shitting where I live
My whole platoon reps 1 love daily
Mad like Stewie yelling fuck you pay me
On the double cuz I'm trouble if you don't
Motherfucker there's no muzzle on my nose
I'm a bit back, you like that

Hell yeah, kick it Macka

I don't need no bike rack, I ride that shitty tractor


Cats love it cuz the flow look hot
Like the body of a coupe with a cream drop top
Let's go, readjust, kids strap your belts
Let's take a little ride to the wishing well
That well which inside my wish had fell
Where this wretched witch then cast a spell
And she must've used hers like twice as strong
Cuz it made me want to smoke like Cheech and Chong
Right or wrong, I was hooked, I had found my calling
I couldn't get enough of this downwards falling
It's not to say the sound on earth was boring
But I knew that underground was worth exploring
So I packed my bags and I grabbed my swag and I haven't been back since then
Since then you can catch me in my hoody on a Friday
Getting pissy with the lads on the highway
Blazing one to Frank Sinatra, did it my way
I can't believe we're getting paid for getting sideways

Where my dingoes at, we had to trample the track
Hyjak: The straw that broke the camel's back
Got my whole career in shambles but I'm handling that
Watch you leave in an ambulance and we sampling that
That's the sound of the city
We drop ounces of sticky, ride round like Mr Whippy
Catch me in my hoody getting blazed again
Right now the weed, I smoke the leave, it's made of hemp
I got to pay the rent, you motherfuckers should know
Don't make me beat you down with a phone like Russell Crowe
I flip a couple of shows, hustle a bundle of smoke
Watch the bills crumble and chuckle, like o
Shit I'm rich, feel so important
Till I wake the next day, it's gone by the morning
Raw like Michael Moore, got the government strung out
I kicked a rhyme about Howard, he got kicked the fuck out


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