Bliss n Eso - The Truth [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Bliss n Eso
Album: Flying Colours
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

Step right up, take a ringside seat bro
At the Hip-Hop big top, midnight freak show
Where kids fiend rap dreams that seem majestic
Line up at the Zoltar machine to get big
And walk with giants to shake up the system
But behind the carnival curtain see the makeup magicians
Wake up and listen, hear what's not for the public's ears
Pinocchio poets played by profiting puppeteers
Talent sharks want blood, rappers hook them with the Gat talk
See a full fashion show, just look at the cat-walk
Corporate snakes, boardroom fellas
Clowns that rap about their wealth are the fortune tellers
From fire flow breathers, come and witness the illuminance
To one hit wonder disappearing industry illusionists
Ringleaders with whips, quick, the 15 minute fuse it lit
My poems paint movie script imagery that's ludicrous
From Portland basements where the rapping is real
To sunset beat boxing in the African hills
I creep with a pack of dreamers who are deep in the mountain
The wildcat trampolinists who are keeping you bouncing
Under the circus my thoughts design the sound effects
Jonathan Cash who Walks The Line without net

[Izm Hook:]

Before judging me, know that I hustle, I work
If I sold to someone you know, try judging them first
It's like that till the day I lie under the dirt
I speak truth and shouldn't have to rhyme once in a verse
The proof is hidden right under my words
But to hear it you got to buy some of my merch
Come get it, we go-getters, this cold business
Is the reason me and my homies don't kick and have grown distant
Record labels and gold diggers, there's no difference
They're both bitches only out for their own interest
I'm just another guy that's rapping
To justify my action, while you run it by your captain
What has this even come to
You see the end result
But don't see the hoops you feel the need to jump through
Don't let my speech corrupt you
Ignore the wrong and see the right this is leading up to

[Izm Hook:]

This ship's been sunk in an industry of distaste and mistrust
I rip stage till your ribcage lifts up
Trying to blow but the grenade pin's stuck
Unrightfully so, I'm a young likeness of dope
To the millions in the scene, who try to build it
But look like little children bewildered by the king
I turn my back to them but I'm guiltless
How long I got to milk this before I gain fulfilment of the dream
Look, look, hard to find the message
It's bigger than that, see my art defines my essence
That's why I'm offended, that they can't write a sentence
Without sugar sprinkles till Hop-Hop's diabetic
Now murdering rappers is sort of my obsession
I'm taking vengeance like the war on 9/11
But I use a mic, I'm not glorifying weapons
Bragging about dirt you do is borderline pathetic

Bang, boom, here comes the stampede
Dusty drifters that dominate the damn beat
Sand Peeps, B.E.I representatives
We came to drug your brain with no sedatives
And spawn light to shine for the kiddies
While Mother Nature lets us write rhymes on her titties
So just relax, indulge in the rebirth
The underground don't fuck around
We're gunning rounds of free dirt
Feet first, that's the motherfucking key word
With minorities and management on my t-shirt
The translator of the compass in a golden chair
With 100 poets saddled up on polar bears
Yeah, now that's a sight to see
When they flash their fangs and they fight for me
So kill the puppeteer, murder the matador
Cuz all I got in my head is a motherfucking cannonball

[Izm Hook:]

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