C.O'D. - Yayo OD-Mix [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: C.O'D.
Album: The Lord of Loose-Leaf
Data wydania: 2014-07-14
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: K. Figz

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Tekst piosenki

On the corner, sellin' keys
Tell my crew to go and work it out for me

[Verse 1: Part 1]
Aye, Yayo. Never deal in Yayo
Tell me what you know about hustlin' all day
Rain, hail, sleet, snow
Yeah! I'm tryna eat though
And houses are made from bricks here
So I'll work the spot or the parking lot
Just like I killed the internet this year
Wait, hold up. Ain't this the music that you love?
That yola, this Gotti music, my artistry is so confusing
Haters bound to hate it cause I never sold nothin'
Man, as far as they're concerned I'm fakin' it 'til I make it
Rap game, crack game-
No difference, just the way that you traffic your product
Songs, singles, EP's, albums
Dimes to grams, from pounds to bricks
Now everybody's trappin', at least that's what they claim
Now these rappers' fame is based off his colors and the set that he bangs
And I'm just saying I ain't quick to believe what a rapper's saying

[Verse 1: Part 2]
On the Andover-Lawrence line posted, holdin' from 9 to 5
I got what you want, ain't this what you need?
Aye, aye. And wait 'til you see what I got baby boy
The trunk of my Jeep's like a pharmacy
You want weed? How much?
You want a gram? I can front you the Dutch
Ight, none of that, but come around here, what I got in the dash
Usually this off limits, but I got that Ye if you down for big spendin'
I want it all, and I don't care what it costs. You got it
There I am, throwin' all the work in the duffle bag
With my strap in the glove-box, then dude throws me another bag
It's the same one I'm loading into except this one's full of big knots
Empty out the stash, next I gotta go and count the cash
Turn around to tell 'em that he's missing a G
Now what I see? This Desert Eag's pointed at me, Ight
It'll take a second and a half about for me to grab my you-know
But, by then I'll already be on the ground bleedin' and who knows?
And the key is in the ignition, outta luck
Need a miracle or something
And if he moves, well the best I can do is duck
Don't be scared boy, you're hit now
You're finna bleed out in a lick now
And your car's on fire and he's 'bout to roll
Look at the life we chose

Look at the life we cho-ose

[Verse 2]
And I bet you believed that huh? And believed them too?
See, they fin' play y'all for fools
Cause that's how fake-ass gangstas move
And I'm like the only one that exposed that
And I'm the only one to really show cats:
That in yo' raps, be honest, and then you can go see where your dough's at
Like wait. Say bruh, is dudes still talkin' Yayo?
Cause last I checked it ain't '95, and 'Pac and Biggie are not alive
What I'm sayin' though is these guys jumpstarted "crack-rhymes"
And young'uns followed to get baptized, regardless of it it's truth or lies
Now we're stuck
Cause rap music's all the same to me
That's why hip-hop died, it overdosed. Cause originality is comatose
And now I'm trying to tell folks move past that
Honestly I'd rather hear more backpack
Than how you're sittin' in the back of the 'lac strapped
And now that's that

It's C.O'D. Framed, Lord of Loose-Leaf coming soon
Intellect: Black Light
Marab: Isolation
It's "Tha Professor"
It's O.D. Hoe, Don't Overdose

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