Cold Blood - Wasabi Jones [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Cold Blood
Album: The Countdown
Data wydania: 2014-06-27
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Sticks and stones may break my bones
And I’m outta my safety zone
Doesn’t matter cuz i’m so close i can taste the throne
Taste the throne, so embrace dethroning
What’s my name? wasabi jones
Wasabi jones
Wasabi jones(echo)

Verse 1:
They call me fatal J from the bay
The microphone supervillain who reps with King Q and Dr. K
Wasabi Jones in it
Till I’m killed I’m free willed and skilled
We make decisions all the time, truth be told
Rap in front of crowds or let the story unfold
What’s the decision shoutout to LeBron
Respect my choices like um or not
Cuz daily choices are made
Eat or swallow, Messi or Ronaldo
The road I take I’m free to follow
I chose to be an artist
Frida Kahlo
Hate it or love it but it won’t take a toll
There’s more than one play in the book than the pick and roll


Verse 2
Back in the day I wrote raps all the time
Yeah, I had a knack
Since then I had writers block but now I’m back
It’s not cubism though so don’t call me Braque
It’s like I forgot how to throw a boomerang but then it came back
Being a rapper is time consuming, I ate a clock
And time is a thief
Time is deceased
Woke up mourning, minus the grief
I’m tryna succeed just tryda believe
My childhood lost in the crime of defeat
So I step in a booth
My youth lost but I got spiritual proofs
Morale truths like the number seven
Clearly it’s eerie, the seven day theory
Andre’s heir (3000)
Ya’ll tryna find the quick way out like driving behind a cop in traffic
Stop automatic
I’m causing that traffic and havoc when I work my magic
It’s classic, Jurassic
And I’m great, your cheese
You grate my cheese, you irritate me
You caught hate disease, and you ate my peas
Read between the lines, there’s multiple meanings
Can’t you see
Y’all always interpret what you literally see
My similes are skillfully crafted like Da Vinci’s imagery
Lyrically in sync, its a symphony
Spurred by defeat like Timothy
I got the formula to the state of euphoria
Probably cuz I’m notorious for being from California
I leave traces of my roots in my work
Redwood and Sequoia
And only some were seen
It’s my elixir, take pixar and a113

Verse 3
I’ll educate every man like Horace projects
Got the king at my side Tyrannosaurus rex
An author
I was born to prosper
Failures an orphan and I have many fathers
It’s a struggle
Who will emerge its the dawn of the apes
In the midst of the purge ur on the escape
I don’t mean to be boasting or bragging
But lets have a toast to my swaggin, ur dead
I got victory in view and it’s more visible than LeBrons forehead
They said I wouldn’t make it I dare you to say what they said
Don’t worry I’ll make you an altar on the Day of the Dead, backtrack
Flashback to when I was playing blackjacks with hazmats
And it backlashed
Youth is like an acupuncture cuz it stabs backs
I take a catnap and I’m betting bombed like Baghdad
I’m on the launch pad, snapped back
Ransacked and I’m getting thrown in a knapsack
Youth is a roller coaster of emotions but I’m not amused at that
Confused sense of humor
Sooner or later you’ll know I’m the future
The up and coming, Neymar Junior
Me and Q are the rulers

Hook 2x


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