Crooked Lettaz - Firewater [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Crooked Lettaz
Album: Them Firewater Boyz Vol. 1
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

Yeah yeah
Niggas is travellin everywhere, word up
I perform in the South
You know I put on _Fish'N'Grits_ and shit like that, ya heard?
Word up; I perform in the West, I put on..
_Ain't Nuttin Like a Sunny Day, in Cali-For-Ni-A_, ya heard?
I'm on the East, I'm rockin "T.O.N.Y."
In the Midwest, I put on a little No Limit or some shit like that
Word is bond

Chorus: Crooked Lettaz

We got that firewater (WHAT?)
Y'all want that water-water (WHAT?)
We got that firewater (WHAT?)
Y'all want that water-water (WHAT?)
We got that firewater (WHAT?)
Y'all want that water-water (WHAT?)
We got that firewater WHAT?
We got that firewater WHAT?

Yo, yo
Yo I'msa gangsta, so y'all niggas, know that I mask
I smoke, mad weed, while I drink a V-8 splash
Niggas, fuck with me, and you will get smashed
I'm gettin, head in the whip, and I won't even crash
I'm sayin, niggas don't fuck no mo', all we get is head
Niggas don't play with bread and butter, all we count is bread
My niggas from, Mississipp-I, still get high
Off the water-water, slangin quarter-quarter
Across the border border, Seargeant Slaughter Slaughter
My Down South niggas, yo we got mad game
And we both, from the ghetto, so we kick it the same
You call your weed chronic, we call our weed hydro
You call your shit doja, we call out shit gamble
From the Calliope to Iraq, we still get dough
We call a, bitch is a bitch, and a hoe is a hoe
Penalty the label, in New York, we on cable


[Verse 2: Kamikaze]
Check it out
Basically, you silly niggas ain't facin me
I turn my back and then you chase me hate me daily
And you attempt to limp like youse a pimp
But youse a shrimp, you can't play me
See we the brothers with the hot tracks
Puttin butter on the hot wax
You wanna ball with the top cats
Well you talk about fat gats
You can't rap nigga stop that, got that
You wanna act like you cock back
Couldn't hold a nigga jockstrap
We can take it to the streets when the party people meet
Tell the niggas take a seat take a beat and cold rock that
Back to the M-I, mill'n-dol'-mill'n-dol'-I
Mill'n-dol'-mill'n-dol'-I, humpback, humpback
Watch a nigga jump back, dead I
Spittin that upon the red eye, flyin to the N.Y
Niggas high from coast to coast
Keepin it close, put it in a post
E.T. the coach, niggas wanna be me the most
You boast and brag and sport the sag
Cause I dope rhyme, niggas never wanna quote rhymes
Try to bite and then you choke rhyme
Rollin up a smoke rhyme
Comin out with your wrote rhyme
Ain't nuttin but some broke rhymes
Me I got the right rhymes, always comin out tight rhymes
Break a nigga see the light rhymes
Wanna fight rhymes? Naw nigga not tonight rhymes
Get your girl I just might rhyme
And the story go, for the thugs even Nore know
The gory flow, can't be faded
Prayed it down, laid it down, and I'm gone
Take double-steps turn around and show em


[Verse 3: David Banner]
Now it's that Crooked Letta hot shit
Old block rockin locked quick
Rhymes shined with hot spit
Y'all speak about shine I write rhymes
Then I burn clicks, and give em this
Your platinum plaque's counterfeit
You shipped gold, is what I was told
Your airplay was BOUGHT hits
Payola Motorala cell phones
Where you spent all these ends, then he's gone
In the wind POOF, ain't no PROOF, a super sleuth
Couldn't find his shoes
I wrap heads, like bad news
And bust bass and blow a fuse
Then I move to Baton Rouge like, Snoop on the move
I'm like Megatron, an underground rap shit phenomenon
I blow up in my Prime (and after that?)
Then I move to Cybertron, with Omega Supreme
But it seems that I gotta sit back and pray (back and pray)
To God that these niggas won't take me away (why?)
I say it seems that I gotta sit back and pray
To God that these niggas won't take me away


Firewater HUH?
You see them niggas bouncin
Wanna see them niggas BOUNCIN
Wanna see them niggas BOUNCIN!!
Sittin on whatever y'all fuckin niggas sittin on
That chrome shit HUH?
Seventeen inch shit
Twenty inch shit
Twenty-two inch shit
Fuck that shit, let the shit glisten
Let the shit GLISTEN
Let the shit GLISTEN!! HUH?
Let the shit glisten! HUH?
If y'all niggas ain't got a car wash
Y'all niggas need to go Uptown right now
And get your shit washed
And get the inside done up, you feel?
You feel me?
Get that inside done up
Make sure your speakers is blowin
Cause if the shit is at a low level
It ain't even penetratin
Turn the shit the fuck up, HUH?
Thugged Out, Crooked Lettaz, what the fuck is up?
Turn shit the fuck up!

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