Cubbiebear - Tame [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Cubbiebear
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

I'm no longer simple enough to write like this
My words are tripping and I force feed situations in spite of it
I know I'm not getting calmer
It must be a loss of talent
An ugly ego eating an inner child
That's trying to find a balance
I keep growing
I keep growing into something
Older and loving less, an embarrassment
Playing in with what I'm crumbling
I watch, you don't talk much, I know it
It's numbing
Argued meanings into human reactions
But this shit isn't funny
It's falling
Like how solid my misplacement is
Or distaste in arrangements
Placed onto faces with
Sincerity scraped too thin to balance out expression
Obviously awkward and self respect, an emotional look of guessing
And you have the nerve to judge me
Looking past your imperfections
I'm tired
You don't grow up, you grow old and continue to be tested
It taught me there's nothing left to learn
Perfect grammar or misspelled words
Your paper will still burn
My heart won't stop skipping
You'll never start seeing
You'll continue to think I'm losing it
I'll question my own meaning
You'll start to think I'm crazy
This pain will never leave my chest
I'll die surrounded by gluttony and friends who've left
Nothing's forever
So it feels strange
You see there's more here than anger
Miscommunication and gluttony
Distancing self is more comforting
Catching parts of me tumbling
Chin on calloused palms wondering
It's this or death?
Maybe my friends should have left
All these pieces are the same
Muffled face, screaming you shouldn't be close to me
I'm hungry
Never bare teeth, the war resolving is homely
I'm a horrible expression to control, who wish hope on nobody
Reprising thoughts of red like this is goin' to my head
They said they want a poet
They said they want a rapper
They said I haven't proven I'm either
I say I don't have to
Nothing left to judge me but insecurities and shame
Lust, excuses, or blame
They want me tame

Check, check, check
Check, check ,check

This is a face and the friend's cry when it makes you
Frown and smile, aggression breaks and I hate you
Life is pass dumb and deaf, so what you regret to see
Fight how you want motherfucker, you'll never be next to me
I hate this plain and groups blend and challenge argue pain
Sighing, narcissistic, crumbling I remove my name
Hate in bones and ache until I set you free
Anger's a gift but it seem you'll never let me be
Basic and wanting argued expression and bluffing
Better than what's left, the pressure get it off my chest
Judging and comforting drooling marching toward a bleed
I'm a challenging glutton, my knuckles'll force my greed
Like kill them all, let no one break skin
Regret is on me
I let them live and smiles
They swarm me, they want to argue peace
Pause and fake senses, insecurities, shame
Lust, excuses, blame
They want me tame
They want me tame
They want me tame
They want me tame
They want me
They want me
They want me
They want me

You'll never see inside this
Believe in a lesson
Gaining more popularity
Ugly power and aggression
Face arranging same patterns
Too familiar and testing
In judgement listening and jaded watch
Thinking of less than [?]
I'm getting too hurtful and hungry
Uninspired in my guesses
Breaking in everyone's weakness
But [?] is allowed to question
Mistake and insecurity
Stop analyzing my sentence
Slaving my hard, I'm sleepless and strained
Hatred confessing
You'll never see me smile again
Not like i once was
Childish friendship ending in intrusive laughter
After enough
It's bringing you down ma
You sound so drained
Unwilling to trust, and speaking
It's sick, enslaved
And I remembering how to say it
I'm losing faith in friendships
Family and fans, strangers stressed measuring tension
You're liers you made me crazy
No one can promise
Breaking my try
Fine then let's just be honest
You think you want a poet, or affection
But after, you'll eat any weakness
Or anger and hate laughter
I'll take it
My face will serve as home for blame and hatred
Did not shown a lone expression
Evil is an impatience
I'm wasting
Chest pains and stressed
Stare anxious, speak hardly
Waking a mess, ugly with frustration
Nothing left to give
All this anger and sentence
Crumbling in confusion
Broke, sick of alcohol and friendships
You're basic, I'm crazy
Bear arms and box reality
Can't feel conscious with complements
Still faulting in honesty
Faking in weakness, being judged in and out
Scars on a naked body, standing with open mouths
So angry it numbs me
So aggressive with how
They want me to wither
Don't let yourself wither now
Faith, friendships, hatred, pain
Lust, excuses, shame
They want me tame

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