DC Pierson - It's A Shame [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: DC Pierson
Album: The Standard Def Mixtape
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: DC Pierson]
Walk into the party, more colors than a toucan
D to the C is really good. How are you, man?
You even have to ask? I have never been better
Everybody else wears a mask like Vendetta
And your girlfriend wants me like a red Jetta
If she keeps following me, I'mma dead head her
Call her Martian Mountains when she wears a red sweater
I just got into her, guess you were a trendsetter
Gifted, you're playing in the box that it comes in
Now if you want to rock, bring the drums in
Man, music used to have that certain something
I'mma take you back like you turned into a pumpkin
So punk with it, even got a snotty nose
Catch the beat like Jake LaMotta catches body blows
I did something bad, you can tell by the stares
But I ain't hit the track, it just fell down the stairs
You know, like slapstick
Whoops, I'm sorry, I was just fantastic
But I'm not content, I keep making content
The type of shit to make you put your daughter in a convent
I know what she got that dangerous dress for
Because she fills it out like a change of address form
You walk through the Ps to get to her place
But it's worth it cause she's gonna throw them Ds in your face
The reason I'm great is the reason I'm crazy
I can't be happy, but I can't be lazy
And I'll pay for you to not get lasik
Cause girls with glasses, I'm so amazed with y'all
And we could have a fun stay-cation
Stay in, ball, and bump Disintigration
If that's the cure then I'm the ill
If this is Capitol Hill then I'm The Bill
Cause I'm on top of it
Outsiders status, Soda Pop with it
Come on, commit, don't just sort of rock with it
It's not like I'm going to hit my quota and stop with it
Endless, friendless, tireless man, who will never let you down like your wireless plan
No dead zones. I think the President should pick me up like the Red Phone
And when they think you're pleasant enough that they won't bone
That's how you know you've ended up in the friend zone
So I finally state my intentions to make tracks fatter like water retention
Mic in his hand, man, what an invention
And if he ain't exist, they would have to invent him
And you're glad they did, huh?
Me and MC DJ, one rap Bar Mitzvah
I am the man, at least, that was the plan
And that's word to my cousin in Afghanistan
Now don't be a dick when I ask where the cash at
Seventy-six Trombones, where the brass at?
At last my love has come along in its rap songs
I stay on the track like what you do laps on
Style not something you should probably take naps on
I'll pull down my cap and get my right thin chaps on
Sick quarantine, I might get free
Put me in your bike like the white E.T
Instead of flying powers and flowers and other shit
The kids got guitars and amps from the mothership
And just like the flyers, show them where the band played
Till the day I expire, I'mma stay handmade
You'll still feel this, I'll still be tangible
As long as there's real drums, I'll still be Animal
Don't wanna bang the drum all day
I just want to work
I'm just trying to get paid and the drummer is a jerk
I like working cause I like eating
How the fuck I stay looking like Diane Keaton?
I run a lot, yeah I run situations
They call me DC cause I run nations
I run the road, you're just the crap in the median
I'm your favorite rapper's favorite comedian
Allow me to repeat again. I'm your favorite rapper's favorite comedian

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