Demond Dickens - Closer To My Dreams [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Demond Dickens
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Yeah... this is me, take it or leave it... and my dreams, I will achieve it... anything I want to be in this world, I'mma be it and uh...

And you don't even have to believe it
Cause you can ask stevie wonder and I bet he still see it ha
Yeah and that's word to my momma yo
I got too many fake friends (friends) and even more foes (foes)
And all their hearts are as cold as black holes
How you gonna make it in a world when no one knows
Who you are as I sit from afar im watchin as my life flash like a shooting star and
Time flies like a g5 in the skies takin me high and the bs is in disguise
I anit nothin but a young man on the rise tryna survive and thats word to the wise now
Just take a seat as I build my enterprise
Or my empire yeah I just spit fire
Ever goal I accomplish is just takin me higher
And I feel just like a king so they callin me sire
I keep rollin on even with a flat tire
And you know that there is no one flier than me
They say no it can't be
How can anything great come from the d
I'mma prove em wrong just watch me boy wait and see
And nothing in this life is going to ever come for free so
I'mma take it yeah I'mma take it everybody knows that life is what you make it
Real recognize real so you can't fake it
I'mma get mine so I know you won't mistake it I'm
Closer to my dreams
And I bet you don’t know what I mean because
My feet elevate above the ground
Got me going so high I don’t want to come down
Look how yo boy done turned his life around
Keep my head above the water because I am never going to drown
Somethin ain't right I hear the alarm sound
But the location of the station can not be found
What am I to do where do I go don’t have a clue
Can’t move my feet they seem to be stuck like glue
Please believe me when I tell you that i’m telling the truth
Yes life is outrageous it has many stages but you have to be courageous
Pay attention theres a message in these pages
Knowledge is power and could also be contagious
They think we’re animals and lock us in cages
But we are animals with lots of Glocks and gauges
When I write it gives me the chance to escape
The times that I feel trapped and there isnt any space
And I can't breathe start to turn blue in the face
Im too paranoid man I never feel safe
But I gotta keep goin I'mma finish this race... ya know
I might not be first but I'mma cross the finish line
Movin at my own pace so i’m racing against time
Tryna make a dollar out of a nickel and a dime
And yeah its hard now sooner or later it will be fine
I give 110% just to get mine
They try to turn the lights out but yet I still shine
You don’t what i’m capable of
But I don’t deal with the haters man I just rise above
So I guess it's all love
And they try to tell me that i’m nonchalant
But the things you talk about seem to be so irrelevant
I do what I have to so I can get what I want
So I work hard but play even harder
You will never bring me down why bother
Think about it a young black scholar
So I am livin my life
No one but god can tell me if im livin it right
Im dealin with my own fight
And I know if I believe in him then everything will be just right
And I just write down the images that develop in my head
While you haters tryna fight I'm just doing this instead
The scenes I visualize when I am layin in my bed
Gone get me where I need to be but you ain't hear a word I said
What a shame you livin life like it's a game
I tried to help you out but I guess you will never change
And it stays up on my brain think I'm about to go insane
But you don't care
You come around and use me up and then you out of there
And I be out of air I swear this life ain't fair
Momma told me that from the very beginning
So I pray but I know I never learned cause I am still sinning
But I'm winning cranberry juice sippin reminiscin
On the times when I would stay up at night just wishing on a star
In the sky but it never came true
Sufferin from all this pain got me wondering who I am praying to
Down on my knees can't get back up though
I'm too weak why won't all these problems go
I gotta fight it bro

My whole life I tried to fit in, living to other peoples standards. but in the end its all worthless. I have to live my own life and do what makes me happy. it took a while to realize it. but im glad I finally did, who cares what people think of you, I wish somebody would have told me that so I wouldn’t have to learn the hard way i’d rather die than live my entire life a lie... im just venting though... its all good. I know what my dreams are. im so close and getting even closer as we speak. victory is so sweet after you took a defeat yeah..... yeah....... im gone

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