DIzzy Dame - 100 Bars [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: DIzzy Dame
Data wydania: 2013-10-20
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

A hundred bars, but will it take me so far?
To where y'all can start to call me the "Author of Art"
To where I tear the beat apart, or be ignored like before
It doesn't matter any way, I'm still the rawest of all

My pen is leaking out; someone get a pad so I can ease the amounts
So I don't have to kill every track like it's my last rap I'm putting out
We're no way where near the end, but shit, the way that I come about
I'm drowning pounds of rappers from the waterspout that comes out my mouth
I kill what anybody loves; Dame is so raw
The way I'm murdering mics, I'm in a world where there's no laws
When I flow hard, your words are lost, so you sit down and don't talk
If you got shit to say, jot it down and send me a postcard
Or an email; I'll make sure to read every word that you wrote me
And reply back with a middle finger and an evil emoji
Ho' please, your mama taught you better when she was coaching
She said not to fuck with the biggest dick; you'll be hurting for weeks
Everybody's on my lame list cause of the same shtick
How can you try to dirty up my name when you ain't shit?
Whoever fucks with me needs better taste than Banquet
Cheap meals come with weak flavors, leaving your lyrics tasteless

Pass me the pepper; I'm tempted to make them sneeze
So they can have a moment of what it feels like if they were me
Step all you want, but I guarantee you'll catch cold feet
Then freeze deep, and turn a runny nostril to nose bleeds
I'm raw, so ill that you'll turn into a clone
And start mocking all of my words so you'll get to say what I wrote
So ill, I make people sick with these lines with constant rhyming
Demolishing topics; I'm a top pick; a chosen God in this
Not to get religious, but goddamn this ain't no Gospel shit
It's "blosphemous"; took the thrown from the pipe and remained anonymous
Not to put God in this, but I got to cop a demonic twist
My name is Damien, how more demonic can my rhyming get?
I'm known as the Omen; I'll own up and become the craziest
With a sinister persona so I have people think I'm an atheist
I don't express religion, so I guess that means I'm a satanist
I'm dangerous, like I'll on dark entities to possess your brain and shit

Who is this? Man, I'm D-A-M-E
Fakes are hatin', but what are real nigga's seein' in me?
They see a kid tryna' strive to be the best he can be
And be the best emcee you'll ever see on a TV screen
People laugh at my name, thinking they can discourage Dame
Claimin' it's a word for a hot chick that they wanna' bang
Dame is a word that defines me and what I became
D-A-M-E: Dominate And Murder Everything
Some say that VMG can go much harder than this; we're as hard as it gets
We're the youngest to take charge of this bitch
Some say I don't fit in cause of my marketing twist
These retarded comments; I'm part of the cause that started the shit
A hundred bars a song would have you calling it quits
Ball up a fist, cause for you, this is a brawl to the death
And I'm slaughterin' quick; no time for you to toss up a lick
If everything I say is hateful, it's gon' painfully hit

I'm crazy and sick; my effects on a scale reaches a ten
I'm evil within; red eyes with a devilish grin
Horns on my head, and a pitchfork that I'm stabbing you with
Right to the chin if you ever yap your jaws once again
Bitch, I'm too far ahead to back up and start jumping in
And join these faggots with this mainstream bullshit I much resent
You're rawless, and I'm the rawest; regardless of all the gossip
I'm my worst critic, so middle fingers to your comments
I vomit; every word you spit it makes me naucious
The nonsense you put on the table ain't enough to pot in
I'm plottin' against any rappers who thinks they're hot shit
When they're only frozen piss and use the icicles to jot with
I'm too sick to call myself healthy
Shit, I used to have hair, now it's fallin' out because I stress me
Now all these nigga's lookin' deathly
Because I'm livin' a dream that they wanted, and they can never be

I didn't make it yet, but shit, that's prolly' for the best
Because I'd rip up every single paper that they put on my desk
Throw it at their face, and say I have no interest
I'm comfortable with VMG, so it's my place to rest
Let em' know I meant every word that I said
I kept it real from the jump; I ain't changin' so I can make some bread
And hype a crowd in the section where rap is dead
And write down some simple bars about women and how they gave me head
I'd rather say how Dame is the best rapper
And how nobody can top him if they were standin' on step ladders
Five-foot-five, but I'm standin' taller than all you bastards
Mentally I'm stompin' you nigga's like ant-smashers
Physically, you fuckin' with Dame and you can't smash em'
I'll take bats and crack em' across your fuckin' head like my name's Jackie

They're ain't no dodgin' shots that I pop when I'm comin' at you
Achoo, I'm catchin' a cold from the sick rap flu
A new generation is comin'; you're past-due
At last dude, now real nigga's finally gettin' a chance too
Now sit back and relax; soak up the bad news
While I'm attackin' tunes without tryin'; I'm that smooth
I'm an alchemist; nobody's catchin' these phrases; I phase em'
An illuminated rap artist; I must be a mason
Naw, I'm amazing; every time I rap, my balls are raisins
Cause I scare myself sometimes with the rhymes I write on these pages
Stay in shock; man, I'll tarnish your fucking axon
Blood leakin' out of my pen like I'm using Giovanna's tampon
I don't plow, man, I drill holes in your girl's brain
So when you're tellin' her that you love her, she's thinkin' about a Dame
A pimp of this rap game; it's all mine, and I'm not gon' share
I'm so far up inside this bitch, ain't no place for a spot to spare
Even when I'm older, I'll be rappin' in my rockin' chair
This is my last bar, and I'm fuckin tired; I'm outta' here

Shout out VMG, Glory Hoggers

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