DIzzy Dame - Collaboration From Hell [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: DIzzy Dame
Data wydania: 2013-09-20
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Zane Alexander

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Tekst piosenki

[Dizzy Dame]
I'm as hard as it gets; my temper's off the charts for the win
Somebody call Charlie; I need a bump of the coke he sniffs
Ain't this some shit? You should of seen how sheen these bitches hit
I got smacked with a pool-noodle, so I'm sendin' kicks to their chin
While wearing Tim's; leavin' imprints that're hella gory
And pissing on the rap game so you know it's my territory
I'm a barkin' dog, and I'm starving from fresh meat
Gawkin' so deathly; when I growl, they see sharp teeth
Slowly you're out of time; these rhymes are an atom bomb
The clock is ticking, and I'm gonna blow up while I'm in recline
So relaxed cuz' I know it's mine; your attack is not aligned
It's side-winded, but the fact that you try is so sublime
No more compliments; it's time to soak up all my dominance
My phenomena is not a hypothesis; it's biologic
The mountain's pretty high, but guess who the fuck's ontop of it?
I'll rock a fella with one hit, and become a monopolist
Man I'm so awesome, I oughta be charged with arson
The lawsuit'll prolly say that they suffocated from carbon
Cuz' I'm burning every single person that's certainly fucking awful
My trashcan is full of garbage that's rotted from poison toxin
Yeah, I'm evil; I'm ba-ba-bad to the bone
King of the castle; I'm sna-sna-snatching the throne
Rocking a cone-hat, I'm at the Vatican in Rome
And taking over the world every time I rap on a song

I stay ducked off like a curb cause the nerves of these
Nervous worthless circus ass actors; take the knife to they epidermis
Take them back to my furnace 'fore they surface; that's my service
To Hip-Hop; keep my heart cold like juice up in a thermos
Now it's back to the lab again; might just start to rap again
Might just start to snap again and put Waco on the map again
Like "Hi-Five", I come through wavy; like high-tide
Why lie; when I ride, I slide by; beats banging out the applied ride
You don't know me, or the shit I'm goin' through
Tryna get that sun roof so I can drop it back when it's a hundred-two
Degrees off in the city and push that hemi, so you hear me
Clearly you fairly try to get the cheese like a dairy but you very scary
So sick, it's fuck a flu shot; I might just get the ru shot
Got them trippin off my truth; got her meltin like Fondue
Dame just asked me to come through on his mixtape debut
Now review while I very humbly just bid adieu (what it do?)

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