Fiphel - Die for You [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Fiphel
Album: Who Am I EP
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Fiphel]
What do you see when you look at me? Come on tell me truthfully
Do you just see some guy who's a teen acting stupidly
White kid trying to be G, rocking chain jewelry
Or do you see somebody with depth, instead of foolery?
Come on tell me who is me, do you see a man
When you look inside my eyes? Just tell me who I am
I know you can figure this out but I don't think that I can
You know me better than I know myself, you know that I'm broken
You saved me from myself, for that I owe my life to you
Nobody has tried to show their love for you more than I do
And maybe I failed, but like I said I tried for you
And damn it all, I'd go to Hell, forever burn in fire for you
But that's the afterlife so first I'm gonna live and die for you
And as long as I live I'll listen to and fight for you
Try to bold the light for you, write to, hold you, cry for you
Until the day comes when I dread I'll have to say goodbye to you

[Chorus 1: Fiphel]
I don't want to wave goodbye
I don't want to have to wipe a single tear from my eye
I don't want to have to watch you leave
But I know I have to, so before I lose you just listen please

[Verse 2: Fiphel]
I can see you sitting over there sobbing
And every time we talk I can feel your pain throbbing
You saved me, I thought I could finally return the favor
I tried to help, I can't believe I just made it worse
And I know I ain't the first to offend
Maybe there's just an inner evil lurking in men
Think about it, how else could I have hurt you again?
Who needs the pervs and the jerks when you've got this derp for a friend?
I don't even know how what I did or what I said
Was misinterpreted, got so twisted in your head
Maybe I just phrased it in the worst possible way
Unleashing the unstoppable beast, they should lock me away
It seems like keeping my lips locked
Is the only way to not harm you, you gorgeous gift from God
So I'll avoid you till I find a way to control
My rage and what I say to you little miss beautiful
You're just infinitely gorgeous
And now I'm at a loss for words, so just listen to the chorus

[Chorus 2: Fiphel]
Your heart shines with a hue of gold
Cause you're beautiful
And don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise
Gorgeous as the sunrise
Your name and soul
Inside and out you are beautiful

[Verse 3: Fiphel]
I would kill myself if I ever let myself yell at you
To tell the truth I wouldn't hesitate to go to Hell for you
I feel like a jerk, but what am I supposed to do?
Seems like you get hurt every time that I get close to you
I'm a total fool, I'm just such a stupid guy
I knew what I had to do but I can't just redo my life
What I did is done and now it's time for me to fix it
But if this is the end of our friendship then Imma kiss this
Life goodbye cause if I lose you I'll never make it up to you
And I could never live like that, but I need "you-know-who" to
Come and help me, but He insists on taking his time
And hey, that's fine, He'll wait til I break the line
And our friendship then is wrecked by me, sentenced eternally
To death and we will have nothing left of each other except for these memories
Plus a bunch of burnt and charred hopes
With you disappointed, both hurt, and my heart broke!
No. Instead Imma figure out what I must do
So I can prove my undying love and that I'd die for you
The ink in my pen is my blood and the tears I've cried for you
I'll stick it through the Devil's eye, funnel it through his spinal fluid
Make him burn and bleed inside, plead and cry like I've been doing
This whole time, since I decided to hide from you
That's more than a corny metaphor, you think that I would lie to you?
I died, now I'm fighting through Hell so I can come back to life for you

[Chorus 3: Fiphel]
So please tell me if there's anything that I can do
To prove my undying love and that I'd die for you
I know I wasn't the greatest friend anybody could have
But the past is the past, and Pat's coming back

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