Flash Bang Grenada - In a Perfect World [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Flash Bang Grenada
Album: 10 Haters
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

Oh shoot!

Flash Bang Grenada in a perfect world
Busdriver and Nocando will be Spain in Portugal
We have slaves!

That doesn't make any sense

[Hook: Busdriver & Nocando]
I, need, shit
In a perfect world
I'm, independently wealthy
In a perfect world
I'm, not to be fucked with
In a perfect world
Is that true?
No it's not true

For ya perfect world
Tomahawks, they blow up in a bouquet of penises
For my second coming, check my plumbing
I'll spray the duvet with Jesus jizz
With a perfect leader, while he's rad
On a bucket barrel shoe in your undercarriage
Like a speed bag, a new dog, with old tricks
So you'll need pee pads
To me your world's a puss filled boil
And my Ann Coulter gets her a duck bill broil
It's an up hill toil
Because y'all can't read, hardly
If it was up to me
Everyone at the tea party
Would be able to speak Farsi
A Lockheed with some play-mobiles
And be fronted by Steve Harvey

Sunny max and reaper in Felicia’s Fallopian’s
From zygotes to fetus, from preschool to podiums
Post-modern dystopia
Feelin' doper than opium
From smokes from the orphans
At the Arcade By The Orpheum
I know I'm not a Neo cause I never knew a Morpheus
In a perfect world, these bus tokens would be abortion
My girl would have an ass that's from Georgia
And an accent from New Orleans
But I'll just settle for California gorgeous, uhh!


Fuck that
In a perfect world
It rains orange juice
You can pay for
HealthCare with a wink
And a whimsical liberate
My fever burnt up
Pietri Dish is worth blood diamonds
I can make adjustments on a Body High
Another good weekend
Over the weekend I got a degree in Reiki Healing
And a Minored in Poly-Sci

At the airport
They wouldn't take my lotion like a pocket knife
I never seen my momma cry the day that 2Pac had died
I never get sucker punched, I can choose not to fight
And social media wouldn't ruin so many relationships

We’re not supposed to rap that way
We the Cultural attaches
I'll take this sweater off
Met for a rainbowed right
Get a plain world life
With molded cats filled with pâté
That attracts a thousand house wives
Who teach how to alphabetize
Menu items at the house of pies

See the tough guys wouldn't care if the outfits were fly
And if he
Here with the truth baby, out with lies
Everybody's swag would never be out of supply
And Americans wouldn't try to buy a house in Dubai


OK, Ideal world
In a perfect world
That's why I'm just sellin' that shit man
In a perfect world
Its not necessarily that white girl but, but, but
In a perfect world
It could be that white baby

Love is Like a Model
I Can Hustle Right
Cause I Know- How to — Inflate Value!
Now I’m Sellin' That White Baby
That White Baby!
That White Baby!
All of you
It's nothin' new

[Open Mike Eagle]
Just be a Heathenist
And freak whatever's at your fingertips
Just eat the peach, no need to read the ingredients
It's built perfect
Soft as a spider silked cerchiff
No thought
No guilt
Just sip the mother's milk, nurse it
It's naturally flawed
But we're all so adaptable
Intelligent design
Sugar walls so collapsible
Don't shave but I dig that nappy look
Misses Obama keeps it shaved but
What's a world without a bush?
It's dark y'all
I know that peoples problems aren't solved
But when I'm in them guts
I be singin' like Louie Armstrong
I see skies of blue, red roses too
Though it smells like old perfume
And Tylenol: Cold & Flu
Then a golden hue
Comes up over the ocean view
And as far as I'm concerned the whole world can get broken too
And it all burned
Give out the old food to the hopeful
My folks is on the up
So we won't go postal
No stoplights
Check the bright green focals
Cold world, but its nice like a ice cream social

[Hook To Fade]

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