Flash Bang Grenada - Hyperbolic [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Flash Bang Grenada
Album: 10 Haters
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

Flash Bang
Dzl, yo
Flash Bang Grenada
Yeah it's quite alright

I can you see you, from the living room
You're in your car
Listening to me, talking to you, about me
Well listen to this

[Hook: Nocando]
I can't call it, I just vomit, all my thoughts up in the process
Clear my conscience from this constant state of conflict that is caught in
I profit from my talkin', all my talkin' gets me profit
I ain't ballin' but my wallet keeps on poppin' out my pocket

Hyperbolic (X8)

[Verse 1: Nocando]
Yo, Yo
Balls to the wall, fists to the sky (sky, sky!)
Every other day feels like the fifth of July (indie, indie!)
The sky is the limit, so the limit is the sky (sky!)
I never met a limit I particularly like (no, no, no, no!)
If I wanna, I'll open up a bar, on the Moon (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!)
I'm walkin' black tar, on a spoon (dope, dope, dope, dope!)
Critics criticize and I don't care if people chatter
They bring it to my face well that's a different fecal matter (aww shit!)
I go ape shit like god in the old testament (ha, ha, ha, ha!)
You don't love me no more, now I'm on some petty shit
I'm a heartbreaker like I played with Tom Petty
Smooth and smoking Sativa with a body higher than strong Hetty trip
I'm lettin' loose, they're very rigid
I'm jerry-rigged in a social circle of varied women (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!)
You don't mind my company, they just wanna comfort me
And say things like they're in love with me
But I can tell they barely meant it (liar, liar!)
100 (100!), trill spit (trill spit!)
No bull (no bull!), real shit (real shit!)
Them other niggas get you bored like a drill-bit
Play this hyperbolic flash bang bang bang bang

[Bridge: Busdriver]
You don't smell as good as I do, I do(X2)
Nigga you stink, yeah (X4)
You don't smell as good as I do, I do (X2)
Nigga you stink, yeah (X4)

[Verse 2: Busdriver]
I, dough rap off beef so fast for your natural selection
Headbutt an axe and plaster past is his astro-projection
My, wing ton car will seem to dazzle your henchmen
I blew into kingdom come with a mouth full of desk lamps
But things are different know I gotta house full of Rembrandts
And makes Hancock Park look like it's a death camp
I sponsor concerts with your stocks and bonds on my cross hairs
And I've got obnoxious blondes sitting in my lawn chairs
My, espresso machine modifications include voice
Recognition software, a rich neo cont air
Who since birth had crossed a middle eastern autocrat
Your thinking copy what the bottlecap, it's not a novel act
For me to not get prissy but be eaten by pussy
Plus these, pain meds, they keep my mind mushy
But I'm lying, I'm an astronaut, non Sebastian Bach
I'm a laughing stock for sayin' what I am a lot
You pinch hitter, dish rinser, I disfigure
Stick figure, bitch nigger, while being extremely lazy
Big star in small screen, shit off the ball beam
While parking lot pimping at Walgreens we pulling any lady

Hyperbolic (X8)


[Verse 3: Del the Funkee Homosapien]
Dzl, internal combustion
Free flow, cascade unobstructed
I, emanate, what you, assimilate
Although it aggravates once you peep the after taste
Aerospace, zero visibility
No evidence cause dudes really ain't, hearin' me
Hit a air pocket, get to slippin' on a jet stream
G-force turn you into gelatin, get it sleeve?
Shrink significantly, in the little league, nigga please
You too damn brittle to try to trip off me
Your silhouette, get narrow in your field of threat
Abortion, pill of death, enough to leave a hippo wet
Missiles eject, (peerrwwwm), discharge
Like a pistol affect, it really flip frauds
Chicken tacos, all in the El-Dorado
For that mumbo jumbo, actin hella macho
It's either Del or not ho, I got the hot flow, lava mo'
Y'all some jokes, going against the squad of GOATs
Every law you wrote I'm mocking, be little
Cause y'all got to be kiddin', when I talk you tremble
The whole block against you, connect the dots its simple
What you bring forth you get back tenfold
So it's no wonder, why you gettin' no love ya old buzzard
Sittin' alone with empty cupboards
Argue with the bargain bin and starve to death
We are the best marksman with knowledge that you marvel at
Like a airborne rocket sent to bomb ya camp
Screamin' where ya momma at, now we call you mollusks back
Like a airborne rocket sent to bomb ya camp
Screamin' where ya momma at, now we call you mollusks back

Hyperbolic (X4)



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