FlyZah - Gunna [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: FlyZah
Album: Freestyle Vol.1:Just Spit,No Hooks
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro]:Yeah.Im kinda high man.Stacking green piece of papers man.But listen

My eyes are exactly red,hold bread till im dead
Lead in my bed,keep a couple 100 dreads
Fly zah da gunna,never been a runna
I live in a world thats between a snitch and a stunna
I rely on a known phrase call p's and q's
Refuse to do that turn ya back and get clapped wit tools
Trey deuce on that dude drew bruise on ya crew
He never lose unless he has two types of ooze to choose
Masculine assassin,silents are strappin
Click clappin them to da ground like im toe tappin
I think im responsible to this game even though they dont know me
Even though i throw punchlines they should recognize and owe me
They say that by speaking the truth shall set you free
I disagree,cause niggas fib like they had a first degree
For holding weight,making work like a shopping spree
And z.t doesn't do that to he comes wit a s-i-d-e
K-i-c-k grab me a rozay
Thay think im just frontin when im spittin well then o.k
Jose,i just crossed the line three times
Cause i'll never stop or drop until i'll reach the finishline
I do what i can to make anything better
Like bruce wayne coming to end to heth ledger
Never been a feather but was raised without cheddar
Years later started hustling copping dollars in my sweater
Spending change after change to maintain more money
So i could have it stuck to my ear like earbud gummy's
Fatherless child,ain't that's crazy and wild
Never seen'em in weeks it's like we in two different isles
Two different lanes,planes it's weird,pain,and strange
Only saw'em once a year now im full of anger wit veins
That's bigger than a brain,let me get back stacking
Cause these niggas slackin which gets me caught in distraction
I seen real niggas hold Glocks,real niggas fold gwops
For sellin bricks or hittin licks but trust me i seen a whole lot
Around to cop or drop a pound so you wouldn't let ya team down
Where i come from you would rather make a shot than a rebound
I know it sound retarted but homie dont just me started
Or i might just end you up or lift you up to any garbage
I dont look like a gunna but looks can be decieving
Green piece of paper is my hoop to what im achieving
Haters still hating im like when they goin be leaving
Cause im up living it up and their mad cause their dreaming
Have their ass leanin,infrared beam and
Messy ravioli on the floor so imma leave'em their dreamin
Extra clips will make you do a double back flip
If you think im playing games like battlefield or battleship
Yo me im not a fronta but i got much potential
And i make mad hits cause im fit to spit instrumentals
Keep the bums in the dump with their rocks in their socks
Cause me man i got every animal on every side of my block
Except for snakes,birds,rats cause we don't roll wit no flocks
Gunners in tha click will rip a niggas hip
Cops in the strip,all them niggas gonna dip
If ya clan ain't bangin hire some henchmobs
Cause they doin dirt they just picking corn tha cob
Pick real niggas that so jobs,kicking niggas doorknobs
Tell'em to hurry up the gwop,cause we got plenty hobs
Like rob,i cop 50's and 100's of tha green piece of paper
Money stretches to 1000 volts like a jet black tazer
Blickey's on deck like a red criss cross lazer
Combined wit some sharp cut shit that's all razors
Put them shits together in a hammer that'll be real major
See me in tha hood i might pop you and ya neighbor
Like styles said niggas will do anything for a green piece of paper

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