FlyZah - What We Do Freestyle [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: FlyZah
Album: Freestyle Vol.1:Just Spit,No Hooks
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1 :FlyZah]

Check it,i catch bodies,never caught cases
If its money in it though I'mma stash it in da basement
Twist and tie my g's up like my shoelaces
And im already home cause I dipped through the bases
Lets get through the bases im your replacement
I bet you I serve you two shots like a waitress
Then put my silencer back in the napkin
Im like this nigga slackin everybody like what happened
Shoutout to the fam juju and dai dai
Rocafella philly nigga who reps his name freeway
I have a friend name desert eagle whos illegal
But I could handle that problem wit the pope trife diesel
Im a sly cooper so you can watch what the thieves do
My blocks like a screen so you can always see a preview
Da beat got a disease and im a take it wit da measles
Cause im addicted to the game like weed,crack,and needles
Im the one you can't mess wit,bulletproof vested
My bullets got fats to make ya chest digested
Get another clip so you wouldn't ask for seconds
Got a cane thats big and it ain't no half steppin
Damn,im a problem and if you dare solve it
I'mma just dissolve ya whole bars to evolve it
Listen,i cook beats,chef heat beef like meat
And if you want I could make the rap game so sweet
Niggas once call me a frog but I never leaped
Whoever got swept in the game goin get sweeped
P.s my black d.e speak plus only years 3
Sometimes it speak in tongues like my man v
These niggas wanna watch the throne when all my niggas took it
Tell tmz they caught a vid of us overlooking
Sniper rifle watchin,to put a red dot in
Get the goons in black masks,assassins,and marksmen
Make a book spit when im grippin with da pen man
Rappers rhymes are change and I'mma hand packs of soupcan
Perhaps these cats needs aristocrats and assistants
Me im precisely,hustler,and persistent
Back on that greazy touch keys easily
Feds come flee I throw my fat weed like freebies
After im out the radar da freebie comes back like a ricochet
Had to stash reefer that has hair like kaysway
This is a bomb threat I got the bomb suit on
Whoever think they better than me is a sitcom
Call me a e cause im in da drug like a coke wave
Sniff for the coke and piff makes my eyes laze
Its like a maze inside my membrane going insane
About to take the crown at the throne wit my new cane
Uh,yeah nobody really want it
If you need supply homie I could make da team hunt it
Dont put me behind anyone im on top of any league
Be on da grind put a brick in my huge sleeves
For any jake tryna rob cake to accuse me
Cause once they put me hell in the cell wit dat bruce lee
Jet lee,z.t has a tec which spits 3d
On anyone whos concealing a handgun thats off safety
If anyone chase me it wouldn't be a race see
Cause I'mma stomp you out with my beef and broccoli acg'S
YEAH,nigga im going in like a fish with some fins
Like a mug making beats on the bars in the pin
And,i did time for handeling what was mine
Im da new nastradamous with the full book of rhymes
Throwing metaphors and punchlines to make the other slimes shine
If you plagiarize my rhymes pull da nines to rewind time
Took the blick to slit to bits and holes on them like ritz
Blood on the floor burned da flag but im no crip
I do rap shit for fun cause my rhymes are full of browsers
Destroy any of ya whack tracks like they did the twin towers
Too specific in this game to study every type of bars
Super spy type of guy you can even ask the foreign stars
This is what I do mayne I switch mix like clue mayne
This is that american dream da fall of max payne
A bit closer to heaven I can spot a shiny pearl gate
See my ancestors above me I just achieve my dream great
Laser beam monster,aim game crazy
Im a philly and brooklyn like beanie and jay z
Loyalty is decreasing so thats why I stay strappin
Z.d.t a.k.a silent assassin's done rapping (OVA)

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