Fre$h The PROphet - Architect [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Fre$h The PROphet
Data wydania: 2014-02-01
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Erick Arc Elliott

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1; Fre$h The PROPhet]
Black hoodie prophet
Tell Trayvon Martin, we stay marching
Guess the madness ain't over just cuz March end
Im harming these, harmonies
God when you start the beat
Architect with my Prophecy
Pen menace, invent venom to ascend then end senates
Six sense vents, dent and offend lessers in ten seconds
Its been evident i been sent to be severing seven jesters and impress with my intense message
Fre$h Emperor meant to amend minds
Cement lines, coming to defend lives
Ascend prime, with direct rhymes
I steel and meddle like a blacksmith
Act swift, snatch rich
And leave fake rappers in the casket
My fiends feasting, releasing the same thoughts that feed Ephesians
Spread the words of knowledge than ascend
I poets thoughts causing progress til the end

[Verse 2; Pharaoh]
Look at the charts and im shooting up like an addict
Got demons in my attic slashing and bashing to be released on certain rap bastards
This is next level rap mastered
Flows are slick and sick, on my cough and hack shit
Pop hop making me want to snatch up an axe and attack shit
Get pissed off and switch sidewalk chalk from happy to tragic
Scrapping that whack ass rap off the track and rerun vintage back
2 and a half laps of the new rap and its been made known bout boom bap
Whos tunes is that that be too true to rap
I got 5 fingers with 4 curled
Other hand with three up
That's hiiipower, let the bass bounce, like D cups
Got some others behind me that'll suicide the instrumental and take you with it
Not religious but if YOUNG making moves, you should have prayed we didn't
In my future it's like mutations, it's got six digits
We like two Asians, cuz, nah I'll save that one for another time, rewind
Spent an hour trying to find my common sense
But when I realized I could make a profit off this it all made cents
Like tip jars
Surgeon with a scalpel type of rhymes, Cuz that shit scars
Take a line like a machete or a loaded baretta
That's all I need to defeat demons with these teams of elite fiends and street geniuses
And stay steep scheming with raised fists
At racists who say this isn't meant to be cause of the color of the skin rather than anything, step back
Back track back, back pack rapping from CA to LC to BK flats
Went to LV from SJ with no looks back
Talking tour plans
Like I'm superman, oh you again
Got kryptonite in my crib tonight
Finna blow up no defuse, we the bomb
But it can all be over in one round if I hit it right
If simple is the best complicated, then it should be simple to achieve an article in complex

[Verse 3; Fre$h The PROphet]
Eff a pen write this shit with Excalibur
Reach the next caliber, the flow is spectacular
I wreck challenge with talent
Mad savage spas and smash malice
Slash trash rap and act half past passive
Time to be violent, mind higher
Plant rhymes like land mines, to blow and demand shine
No one can defy
I be the poet posed with chance to rise
Throat enhanced with saliva
Im in a car full of ratchets yelling screw the driver
Who is liver
Hotter than blue fire
My crew sire
Soul control, til your heart scatters
Im white so remind you of marshall mathers
Spit fire till the fire marshall matters
Thoughts is acid
Causing madness, plotting savage and harming rappers

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