Fre$h The PROphet - Boom Freestyle [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Fre$h The PROphet
Album: Prophecy
Data wydania: 2014-01-01
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Relax and just vibe out
I got that crime sound , when i rhyme loud
My mind foul , wit dat prime style
Tru goons is dying out
Whack rappers mind state petty
Mine stay ready
For sharks tryna blind my shine, my blade deadly
Verbal Assault, lyrical blessing
My message messing meth heads, with my methods
Knowledge Control Strategy and Balance
God Sent Soul, Rap rapidly Assassin
Mastering the masses, Vast stash of jacksons
Granting me the passion
To achieve fantasies imagined
Mad vocab like a magnum
Matter of time till i even madden an atom
Adam and eve, apparently are bad parents for sharing an apple from a magic tree
Convinced by a slithering beast
Poisoned knowledge, ripping their dreams
Ribbon for humanity
I guess man can't manage in an age where man expands to grand planets
I guess were damned, damn it
So how long would it be for, a beaver to be more, damned PANIC
So hot my fans just can't stand it
Mind react like a seizure
I seize ya, seas of green, fees just feed and release us
Oh geez, jesus G's just need this genius
Teams of fiends getting cream and the cheeses
We is the meanest, kno i mean this
The fabric of life isnt what it seems, its
More complicated, i dominate it
Cuz minds is vacant, tho mine is sacred
Only time can say kid
If ima make it
I took a chance rapping, gave it ten days
Now when i have a pen and pad i can't get away
Im sent to say, the truth even if it dont rhyme ..
But this time it does fine
I bust minds with punch lines
Still wondering why im unsigned
Rhythm And Poetry
Wrapping these foes with the flow indeed
Posed to blow streams, throat fiends
East Coast West Coast, Beast Coast the Best Coast
We spoke, and let know
That these folks, are threats yo
At least go, and S.O
S, yes the Fre$h, Best in the Metro
Mess and get necks blown
Death is the next zone
Impress with my threshold
Oh i forgot to mention
The mics my weapon
Fresh to death, Guess what im dressed in
Flowing dope audiopium
Audios to those hopeless men, tryna pose a threat
While holding techs, no regrets
I eliminate with the pen, know its Fre$h
If you said lions lying with the sheep
You'd be lying in your sleep
Cuz in my land, lambs minds be dying by the heep
Land mines through my teeth
I ain't talking bout smoking when i say im blowing loud
They wanns kno wat im about
I be dropping flows like waterfalls , im out

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