Fre$h The PROphet - Threat [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Fre$h The PROphet
Album: Prophecy
Data wydania: 2014-03-16
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Havoc

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Tekst piosenki

Got Divincis Wisdom , Pacs stubborn ambition
Nostradamus's vision
All in one kid with an ink pen
Tell me that i ain't got you thinking

[Verse 1]
Got this Nastradomus conscious
More bars than a convict
Talks confident , opposite of nonsense
More like opposite of not sick
Common knowledge is not common
Rock bottom , Prophet
Out for profit in my pockets kid
Pac and big the role models
They showed me the whole road thru this cold world of old foes storming poor folks at full throttle
Son no problem
No bother
No biggie , the home philly
Just some old sillys
Showing no pity and no love to the itty bitties
Its get tough , growing up in the gritty city
King of sick writtens , spitting and then split it fittie fittie
Gimme your kid fit to spit
Then watch me go illiterate
Littering real lyricists
Resist experiments , fear the Wizard with rare discipline and a certificate for dismissing bliss from his wish list
This is , ripping shit at its finest
Rhyme crime binds minds opening what time confines like my third eyelid
I did , everything in detail
Derail your train of thought then make you thirstier than females after retail
These fakes couldn't break my will
Foreal this skill , got me more bars than jail
The kids this ill
On that middle eastern flow , cuz my rhymes Israel ( is real )

Profit for dem Prophets , Young Threat in yo conscious
Knowledge heart respect keep it stressed thru yo projects x2

[Verse 2]
Its the dope bros with pro flows
Bringing oh no's , to old foes with no soul
You bozos , got no hope
We grow mo than old oaks
Yo extinct like Do Do's
Whenever out throats spoke
Your hoax choked
By the cloaked villain
Militants meant for millions
Infinite infants , with imminent intent to injure these writtens
Risking innocence , wicked with the pen
Picking these slick sickest hyms
To stick at the ones with the white picket fence
Write till the end
Apparently parents parrots , just not baring these blaring paragraphs
Snares and jazz , rare and tearing the errored tracks
You stare at cash , like if i climb the stair to fame ill be there at last
The YOUNG nemesis
Effortless , but still more emphasis
Ending shit for any tryna test my wit
Got a brighter thinking light word to Edison
Let us in , yo mind frame
My games in the fast lane
Pass names of whack lames
Slash reigns , and rap flame
I pass with cash when that casket drop
Savage when i sabotage
Your whole life man , your whole lifespan
I hold right in my right hand
Aight than
I drop bars , they drop jaws
Moving loud like a cop car
Off to the stars
Often its problems stopping us from reaching mars
Mind frame rock hard
We moving so far , solars like no prob
YOUNGs the answer when they asking 'whose next?'
I told her too jacket , now she giving the whole crew neck
Hiphops the chick , we gon flip if a fool press
Hoping for full press , and no less , oh yes
So real my flows breathe
I proceed to plant pro seeds
And balance my dome piece
Yeah lost as a menace
Karma got me caught with a sentence
Carbon exhaust in my breath and
Thoughts start progression
Im the reason the crown breathes , air to the throne
Impair the rarest of poems
The mirror reflects an ear error , the terrors gone

Profit for dem Prophets , Young Threat in yo conscious
Knowledge heart respect keep it stressed thru yo projects x2

[Verse 3]
Yo Houston we gotta problem
Two Kamakazi rockets going hard in
And theres no stopping
Atomic talking toxic
Drop hot like comets
Elevate your conscious, or get boxed in like comics
Feeling like the batman of this rap scam
Superman of the hooligans , Wolverine on his last stand
Last chance , to snatch fans, act plans
And overthrow the masked clan
More heart than Aslan
Blowing like an Afghan
Have fans , in all lands, plotting on my advance
They say go and grab the gold and cash
Golden soul , ghost of past
Born poet tho chose to rap
Flowing trojan when i go in tracks
My noise passing voids
I capture coins , they act annoyed
I hack and slash at any rapper with half the poise
Call me the flow assassin, throat attacking , going past these hopeless rappers
Home to throne , not known to happen
Thread of the threat i sewn the fabric
Uphold my dome , get thrown in caskets
Comatose , the road to make it like a roller coast
Oh fa show , on the illness bout to overdose
Wore obey but not obedient
Breathe three sprees of helium
Feed feelings to seize fees
See glee, and keep chilling in
Higher states of thought , mind warrior
Defy spies with my orchestra
The core horror , born to recourse the lies of euphoria
More for ya , metal metaphors towards ya
Mental fortress
Pencil sorcerer , the mic cords high lord
The sky is what we strive for
Call me the YOUNG Mozart
Out to go far , flow sharp
Opening hiphops casket with a crowbar
Know all
Tho still waz too black for the white kids and too white for the blacks
Only armed with a mic and a pad
And i might just attack
Slicing tracks , striking like i got a knife and an axe
Call me Bugs bunny wit my looney tunes
Rap game im zooming through
Crew full of the illest goons
Writing the truest runes
Music cooler and more complex than a rubix cube
Its the kids with ill minds , spitting real rhymes
Slaying hour glasses just to kill time
Were out of our minds and want in yours
Listen my mouth defines , the words of the kid lords

Its the near era of ear errors
We coming with storms forget clear weather
You should fear letters
So be eliminated or hear better
You hear the real music bumpin like thunder loud
Hiphop never died , it was buried alive and lives Underground

Now you know what i was doing when i would skip class
Young Architect, my Art brings Threat to yo bitch ass

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