G Herbo - 4 Minutes Of Hell, Part 4 [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: G Herbo
Album: Pistol P Project
Data wydania: 2014-12-26
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: 808 Mafia

Tekst piosenki

[Produced by DY of 808 Mafia]

I said I wasn't gonna do no more 4 Minutes Of Hell's, man
This gotta be it though, this the last one

I'm from the jungle, lions, apes and gorillas, lions the police
Nigga we the apes and gorillas, go ape and gorilla
Boy, don't turn your face on a killer
Fuck the system, man, we going back to racism, nigga
Look, the department suffer fake-ism, nigga
Black police try not to notice, like they ain't killing niggas and hate killing niggas
Seen a million bodies, I done shed a thousand tears
Niggas just turn thousandaires, been selling rocks a thousand years
Two time felon nigga, one more like a thousand years
And the average pussy nigga out here ain't gone ride with his
He gon' switch up, he gon' fold, he ain't holdin' shit back
He only got a year back and now he can't forget that
You done sold your fucking soul for 400 days
Niggas got their kid starving for some fucking J's
Life too short, better not get caught up in your fucking ways
I be feeling like Phil Jackson, all these fucking plays
I'm just riding through my city, getting blazed, in the rain
I been stressing, feel like I'm a couple days from insane
Don't know what's got into me, I just been saving the pain
The devil tryna' enter me, I just might let him into me
But I know when he finna' leave that that's gon' be the end of me
And I won't let that finish me, cause I got too much energy
I be right back in effect like I just got a injury
Pourin' up that purple happiness, it give me energy
Sip your happiness, forget your problems; that's the remedy
Sippin' Activis straight out the bottle, shit's so good to me
I be leanin', I be smoking, poppin' beans then I be rollin'
Hop in steamers and we rollin, hop in Beamers and we rollin'
Pull up on your block with glizzies and them beams and we be blowin'
We ain't shooting for no reason, clear the scene when we blowin'
Then we high, in the sky, tellin' fo'nem 'bout the story
Got a lot of niggas gone that I been knowin' since we was shorties
That alone just made me stronger, got my chrome though I ain't worried, boy
Posted on that curb, boy, early off the syrup, boy
Chill, if you don't know me, give a fuck 'bout what you heard, boy
Niggas see me when I fly past like, "There go Herb, boy!"
Rappers wanna know the way that I play with the words, boy
33 up in the clip like I play with that Bird, boy
And niggas know that Lil Bibby my bro, got the shit for the low on the birds, boy
Real nigga shit, we ten year niggas, bitch, so imagine the numbers for Herb, boy
And we go ham every month on the first, junky walk up and just empty her purse
Don’t work with feelings, my money come first
And no, I'm not a hypocrite so therefore, I don't got to a church
God still with me even though I'm out here doing my dirt
It's a lot of times when I know I coulda been threw in a hearse
So I'm dropping 4s in my soda every time I'm through with a verse
Please do not try to act crazy my nigga cause rugers'll burst
They ready, they on it, they aiming at niggas, my shooters so thirst
G Herbo my name, so a pussy, I can't be
I hang with them menaces, free Jamaes and free Maneski
If it was still slavery, I know the mastas' a hang me
Cause I only respect my momma and granny and aunties
I'm just a young nigga, from the 'go finna blow
And I'm still in the streets, so you know I will take blow for a show
Just let me know, as long as don't nobody search at the door, cause you know how we roll
If anyone try to act like they want smoke, then the club will be closed
No Limit's don't play around, all they know blow
Like they play with they nose
And they taking them souls


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