Get Open - "My city" [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Get Open
Album: The week end
Data wydania: 2013-01-01
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Imhotep

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Tekst piosenki

My City

My City, My City, My City, What
My City, My City, My City, What
Build it here, you can build it anywhere
Make it here, you can make it anywhere, yeah
Ready to rumble in the, Money Jungle it's a
Urban struggle, I'm the, King of the rubble
Working overtime around the clock, no pity, my city get shellshoked
Uptown, downtown on your avenue block, money talk on the corner spot
Stocks and bonds, dollar bills, it's all about the benjamins, can't sit still
Ill like Philly, NY city, peace to my man Billy
Native new yorkers becoming a rare breed
Birthplace of Hip-Hop the Bronx, laid the seed
Around the globe, 7 seas, culture spread like disease
Addicted like Graffiti, Beatbox, DJ and MC

King of the hill
Top of the heap
A number 1
New York never sleeps

You wanna live the life
You gotta pay the price
My city so gritty they named it twice
[The glitz invites ]
But don't get enticed
Hypnotized by the neon and Bright lights
The biggest Appetites come take a bite
And find apple's core is rotten
And the cider's spiked
[Spice of life's ]
A double sided knife
Get Hooked on the highs
And embraced in vice
Roll the dice
No matter how Precise
Its Hard to keep cool when its Cold as ice
Day and night
Living fight or flight
Give in and the Pressure might bust your pipes
Get troglodyte, kick, claw and bite
Sacrifice and, you could live the Diamond life
You'll be Moving on up if you get it right
To a deluxe apt with a sky light
Reach the top
Give it all your might
But Unpredictable
Life can Change over night
Such A sad sight
A Short flight
Like Icarus
Falling from the highest height
You won't believe the shite
They called ya future bright
Smiled in ya face and always polite
Where's a friend When ya Once Again Faced with plight and Eating crow all day gets Stale and Trite
You can taste the spite
In every bite
Dog eat dog
In an urban blight
Rub shoulders with the uptight socialites
The drinks are overpriced But the music's nice
Ain't nothing but a
Pimpers paradise
Broken spirits limbo with poltergeists
Where enough will never suffice
In spite of best laid plans of men and mice

King of the hill
Top of the heap
A number 1
New York never sleeps


No matter how rich Manhattan get
Used to be my dirty, pretty pet
Done put hands all over it
Now douchebags think they ownin' it
Puttin' blush on a pig
Till the pig rise up and crush your wig
Playground of the rich used to be slayground of the down and out
You just found it out, so
Have respect when you clown about
Cats died to make that city pretty
And its pretty cause of they life
Not your rich wife with the highlights
Walkin' that High Line
You panicked in Needle Park
Done up by the Seven Ups
With a merc who did your dirty work
And escaped you from New York
Like a nervous tourist gettin' lost on 10th Avenue
Ten dollar hooker be grabbin' you
Kid on the side think of stabbin' you
Think of having you for lunch
Now you hit them streets for brunch
They got washed by the suds
Of native, black, brown, poor white blood
You're new to the game, slave to the same
Corporate machine that gave you fame
The city roll for delf
Hook or crook, take your health
The only true king of NY is NYC itself

King of the hill
Top of the heap
A number 1
New York never sleeps


It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood. I said a beautiful day in my hood
Them killas up to no good. Them cop’pas up to no good
That money involved. Power lunch, Stocks and Bonds… Number crunch
Break the bank, like bust your front! Like, pump the base, do the bump
The diatribe in my speech. The maganets in my reach
I flame ‘em up with my pyre. So, to the choir, I will not preach
I learn ‘em young, so I teach. My wall of flame cannot breach
On the hunt I creep. “Peace” by piece. Out to destroy what I seek
We hold down fort. Take no shorts. Lookin’ like that old New York
As a king and supreme on court. Navigate, movin’ through all courts
Organize, outfit and sort. Tell ‘em. Tell ‘em stat my trap!
“Big Apple”, world capitol!

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