GhostOfAnEgo - Jax Dawn [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: GhostOfAnEgo
Album: Runaway Tales: The Ballad of the Midnight Rider
Data wydania: 2013-08-22
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Wizzy J

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Double Indemnity]
Nothing had slipped, nothing had been overlooked
There was nothing to give us away
And yet, Keyes, as I was walking down the street to the drugstore
Suddenly, it came over me that everything would go wrong
It sounds crazy Keyes, but it's true, so help me
I couldn't hear my own footsteps
It was the walk of a dead man

[Verse I: GhostOfAnEgo]
Jax Dawn, a silent pawn
A P.D. people don't see me
But I see them, see when
Perverted guys believe averted eyes
Are present
Their presence reveals true essence
A two step melody, old Joe
Will remember me
Played piano way back to gain
Cash back before my soul
Surrendered my to Hennessy
Heaven's deeds are empty
Left me in a tavern of gents
Sad turn of events
Sitting on a sixth cup
I drink the stuff

[Intermission II: Gun Crazy]
Shooting's what I'm good at
It's the only thing I like
I don't why, but I feel good when I'm shooting
I feel awfully good inside
Like I'm somebody

[Verse II: GhostOfAnEgo]
Long legged dame came in
Blaming the new fast pace
Of shifty eyes from these
Shitty guys on her
New face in this place
Women don't wander in
So I'm wondering when
They began to let them in
I asked Joe but he basked
A red glow
Didn't let me in on that secret
Instead screamed beat it
Can ya believe it?
Swift kick to the behind
I receive it
Lifts and shifts my shit in a quick pitch
Through the back door
Won't be back there no more
I hear twenty blasts and windows smashed
T.V. says the crime seemed random
Not in tandem with mob violence
I ain't buying it
Skip from two-bit joint
To two-bit joint
No point
Nobody snitched
Somebody's itching to ditch the evidence
It's evident
I send this prick to investigate it
Blade is neck deep
Kept speechless
No longer fearless
I'm a near mess
Dear Tess, I cry
Over a picture frame
A fixture of blame
Anniversary gift in the nursery lift
Spliff drifts a spark, a burn to the heart
Engulfing flames, coughing in vvain
Two coffins, the same day
Sit drinking it away
I still miss you
But I don't wanna be with you
I get to survive, don't I?
Matching twin barrels
Masking sin's arrows
El fin narrows
The door burst down
A tour of shuttering rounds
Huddling down I trig a clip
Leaking it
Speaking it loud and proud
Surround sound, bullets rebound
I hound, hit in the hip
No leaving it
These fuckers are grieving it
Believe it
Lit two to the face
Dudes head blew and fell dead in place
World's a deadly place
I'm worldly warring a war on the human race
Chamber's empty
Is this the end of me?
Gun tip to my head
Enemy gripping the lead
Thinking I ought to be safely in bed
But she saves my knave from an early grave

[Intermission III: Who Framed Roger Rabbit]
I'm not bad
I'm just drawn that way

[Verse III: GhostOfAnEgo]
Tending to my leg led
To a tenderness in bed
Red fiery hair
I'm trapped in her ensnare
Stare straight as she
Tells me something heavy
Dear conscious, help me
Is there no kindness?
Tell me
Well she told me
An old story
She stood rigid
Not to give it away
Good riddance as they say
Her hand slammed the damn kablam
Under the table
Barely stable she limped out
But didn't chicken out
Sick in the mouth
*throw up*
Spitting it out
But sticking it out
Sticked the boss that
I crossed who sent those dead croons
To goon me
See she overheard my death orientation
Disturbed the presentation
Giving the present situation
My mind contemplating
If she's generating a storyboard for me
She told me she overheard
I must've misheard
His lair
She swears she'll take me there
Through town's square
A right and a left
Left us right at
The clown's lair
Old Moe's
So no clowning there
Fist hit my upper lip before I could utter shit
Bye bye sky
I shake awake
With tape laced around my legs and arms
I'm not letting on that death's dawn is coming on
My stomach's all in knots
Like the rope wrapped, packaged spots
Dammit cops
The sirens stop the silence
Footprints to the door
Talk for four minutes then talk for four more
Whole thing's a bore
Soon the goons, faking death
Take my breath
They untie my lady luck
Who really jsut gave me up
What the fuck?
Shut up
The boss comes in talking
Doesn't like me walking
In on his plans
Well I'm not his biggest fan either
I need a breather
You wouldn't believe her
Next, she pecks the boss
Tosses a smile at me adoringly
The boss nods as a god
Gives his final decision
To be executed with his permission

[Intermission VI: The Killers]
There's nothing I can do about it
There's nothing I can do about it
There's nothing I can do about it

[Verse VI: GhostOfAnEgo]
I'm fishing for a reason to be let go
A reason I don't know
Go fish
She slips a nine in my sleeve
She and the boss leave
It slip into my grip
I fancy it
A fancy hit
Bullet ricochet slays
Two heads of my slayers with a lead layer
Time to pursue the main player
But I abstain, I waver
What do I owe my saver?
Why not just go blow paper?
A corner suitcase of cash suits
The horror last experienced
My mind's not hearing it
Tears into a fit
Fancies fairy tales
Like I'm the white knight
Do the past right
Go save a life
My wife and baby girl
My whole world whirlwind
Away in a firestorm
Second fire born
I borne new firestorm
Storm into his office building
And off his villains
Henchmen sent to heaven
Atmosphere is deadly
A medley of guilt and shame
Humans weren't meant to contain blame
The boss, her, and me
Hurriedly, she robs my last will
She robs my last kill
They both lay dead
Barrels of red
Barely redeemed
What does this all mean?

[Outro V: Shadows of a Doubt]
The world's a hell
What does it matter what happens in it?

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