Haf n' haf - LV Pouch [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Haf n' haf
Album: http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=499808
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Savytski

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1]

I be the...
Dopest Corona sippin rapper ur hearing
Focused on blowing then throwing killer shows where they cheering
See I'm, peering through Raybans with my eyelids low
And I can, reach super saiyan wit no guidance bro
Killer wit the flow too
Similar to Goku
Floating on a cloud that's whiter than tofu
Riding wit my whole crew, vibe with us, you're supposed to
You're welcome to roll thru but only if you smoke boo

This bud and I will get u fly & I mean it
Fuck police, just get my spliffs to hide in ur cleavage
Leaning on the ceiling on my fire like a demon
Does breathing on this green got ya sexy mind scheming? Ha

Your heart is beating, means that Ima pull u in my clutches
You're so appealing, sweet thing lemme pull you like some Dutches
I'd be foolish not to rush this
Ur swag is so absurd, and ur curves are so luscious, now lemme start the ruckus
Killer with the style, spit iller rhymes
Chillin' with a smile, sitting down like it's dinnertime
Got ur little mind in a bind wit a pen of mine
Spliff of lime, yeah it's been a crime but I'ma still be taking photos
Watch me look cold as I blow o's, turn a promo show down to slowmo
Should take a photo, flow oh so dope
Sweeter than a rolo dipped in cocoa
Ha , muhfuckers ain't ready
Got a couple besties that never left me
So I'll climb steady to a higher rise setting
& ima take em all wit me if the suits let me
Mind drives heavy like a chrome blue chevy
No bush Reggie, got green like veggies
All my haters go die like Kenny
Dope boy soul crew y'all not ready


Break me down, (Louis pouch) roll me up (damier)
Take my sound, (rule me out) soak it up (I don't care)
Space is dark, (in the sky) so I light my loud (find me there)
Exclamation marks, (feeling fly) when I'm around (I'm impaired)


Back to reality, turn on the gravity
Flow sweet no cavities, girls wanna marry me
I grind, no charities
I'll find you therapy
I'm right to do it, so I'll prove it merrily
Jazz music & cherry trees
Homegrown annually
Don't call me your majesty
That would be a tragedy
The saddest thing is knowing my flow is cooler than losers in the game
What's my goddamn name?
Haf'; don't forget it
Untouchable method
I hope y'all really the message
It's H A F n H A F
Hit em wit the flow, get him in the chest bro go
Cool I suppose, I believe it's mental go
Aromatic kush , float in the best smoke your style's leased, yes its a rental
Mine's for keeps, straighter than a pencil
Dough comes & goes like its fuckin' menstrual (wooo)
Blows to your dome, aiming for your temple
Then your fuckin' dental, gotchu going mental
Like "Ahhh fuck, where my head go?"
Ever since youth I been spitting that couth
Motherfucking suave shit, gwap in my pocket
Bitch I'm the man so now I gotta cop it
Tickets to my rocket are free for my niggas and the biddies who will drop it..


I be the.. dopest-dope-dopest-dopest rapper you're hearing
-e -e -e -e, I be the, dopest Corona sippin, rapper-r-rappin' (x4)

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